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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Guess what my MM is doing right now?

I do not normally post on Sunday's beings as it is a day of rest and all........but since I am resting..........a lot...........I got kind of bored and thought I'd share cuz I'm nice that way.

I think pretty much everything my MM does is pretty awesome. There isn't anything he doesn't try that he can't/hasn't figured out and over time mastered. I tease him all of the time that I'm supposed to be the creative one.....the cook......the talented one........but ya.....he pretty much shows me up in just about everything I do in about two seconds and that is okay because I love him and he loves me and he can't help it if he is so good at EVERYTHING!

I do not like most veggies. In fact, I pretty much hate most veggies. They are supposed to make up a pretty good portion of our daily fuel intake so I have been bound and determined over the last few years to find a way to make them edible. There has GOT to be a way to make every vegetable at least gaggable don't you think? If there is one thing I learned growing up in regards to gross food, if disguised well enough........eventually you can get it down. I think liver was about the only thing that it didn't matter what you did to was still liver. Liver was more ketchup than liver. You ate liver one TBL. ketchup to one millimeter liver and could still taste the horrid stuff going down.

One of the many vegetables growing up that I heaved up more than I gagged down was butternut squash. My mum loves squashes of all sorts so in the fall........we'd have a lot cuz don'cha know.....that which you like the least.......grows the most prolific in the garden.......

I have sitting on my kitchen counter a butternut squash. I hit the internet determined to find a way to disguise it into a divine chocolate truffle cake. The internet world is big. There's got to be a recipe out there. I came across this recipe. This is off a blog that is actually a dear friend of mine's sister. My friend is Michelle Tweeny you might know her. If not, you're missing out. Actually, that isn't really her last name but that is how my wittle babies say it.

It isn't chocolate truffle cake or anywhere close but it IS a pie......and it IS Mexican......and I LOVE Mexican I thought to myself, "self, I bet this just might actually be pretty good!" Only problem.......I'm in bed.......and the butternut squash is down in the kitchen........

"Hey Shweetie! Would ya like to fix me up a pie? Oh, and by the way......all those peppers in the crisper in the fridge? Ya, those ones.......they need to be roasted........"

You know what? He is down there right now. In the kitchen.......with his laptop following the recipe.......making my house stink from roasting peppers (trust me, the smell is worth it!!! Oh heaven's. Have you ever made your own chili relleno's? Nu? Well, just as soon as I get better you hop on over here and we'll make you some......mmmmm). Where was I? Oh ya.....waiting for my shweetie pie to make me some pie.........

I'll let you know how it it "doesn't" taste. :o)

Post Script: BINGO! We have a winner. This was not just edible. It was incredible. Took my MM forever because he made everything from scratch but oh man was is worth least from my lazy bum point of view. We found a way for me to eat butternut squash.

Some changes my MM made to the recipe which we felt made it a tidge better. He made both a top AND a bottom crust, pureed the squash (I didn't want to find/taste any tell tale chunks), and felt that next time instead of adding cheese to the top before cooking......waiting until it is almost done so that the cheese is gooey, stringy, and stretchy. Mmmm. AND, he made TWO so we get to eat it again which I'm more than willing!

P.S. Oh and by the way......if you do happen to make this and want to make both a bottom and a top crust....bake the bottom crust first for about five minutes before adding the stuffs to put in it and the top crust for the final cooking.


  1. Shoot. We shoulda stayed longer . . .

  2. I have the same problem. I'm a picky veggie eater. Thanks for the recipe!


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