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Friday, June 5, 2009

A boy and his dog are inseparable......unless there's a door in the way.

I need to live out in the country. It would make Julie's life easier. Here in town, and I don't understand why.........neighbors do not appreciate this red headed side kick of Levi's doing her "business" in their yards!

The sad thing is that this poor red head and Levi are inseparable unless he wants to play outside. She has to stay inside and it literally drives her batty. She can hear him, she can sense him, but she can't get to him so she is reduced to pacing. It truly is the saddest thing to watch. Back and forth she goes. To the door, to the windows in the front of the house, downstairs to the windows in the back of the house, back up to the door, to the front goes on and on. I'm surprised my carpets don't have a trail worn in them from her. (Once of the natives is practicing piano in the background.....they say music makes a movie.....I think we're gonna hit the box office with this one.)

A boy should never be separated from his dog........I need a fence.....

"Maybe if I check the door just one more time....Levi will come barging through"

"I can see him. He's right there! Why won't he come back inside where I can keep a better eye on him"?

"Perhaps if I just check the door again. Maybe I missed something the last gazillion times I checked".

"All this pacing is exhausting me. Maybe I'll just lay down here for a minute and watch the door".

"Oh but I can't. What if I miss something? Sniff....and humans think THEY have it rough....try being a nursemaid to a rambunctious boy! Now that's RUFF"!


  1. Oh, that is heart wrenching. You can tell she wants to be there SO bad! Kallie was the same way. But if we went on vacation, without her! OH! She would go into a depression until we came home. So much so, our neighbors could tell she was depressed! Crazy dog. But we sure miss her now that she is gone. They just become family. And she has a job to with her boy!

  2. Oh, that poor thing!!! I think all kids should have one of those. It would sure make our lives easier.

  3. Blake: "Why can't I have a dog?"

  4. I wish I had a dog like that! Levi is so lucky...


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