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Monday, February 7, 2011

Bad Mood!

Sometimes Levi has a bad day. 
Sometimes Levi has a bad week.
Sometimes Levi has a bad couple of weeks.

Levi's in a funk right now. 
Lots of time outs. 
Lots of tears. 
He's in a bad mood. 

It's exhausting for all...........


  1. I'm sorry. :(

    Good thing he's so cute. ;)

  2. oh i am sorry rach. i hope he is all smiles again very very soon!

  3. Poor little guy! I can identify with the bad moods lately.

    Wonder what it is that is bothering him. Perhaps he is learning something that no one, including Levi, yet know about.

    No matter what, if you are frustrated, you are in the process of learning....something. Sometimes it may be as simple as learning something about yourself. Or something else. But fact is, when we are frustrated, we are usually in the process of learning.

    Knowing that, for me, always makes it easier to tolerate my mood and immediately diffuse my frustrations.

    Maybe he is on a verge of a breakthrough relative to "learning" some particular thing. You will know in hindsight Rachel. Lots of love your way my dear and know god has a plan. Hugs!

  4. Maybe he caught it from me...sorry.

    Maybe the fire statiion today will cheer him up. Here's to hoping...

  5. Sometimes I wish someone would put me in a time out.

  6. So sorry for all of you...when Levi ain't happy...ain't nobody happy!

  7. Oh no! Hope he's able to get over it. I don't like funks.

  8. You have my sympathy!

    So does he.

  9. Thank you everyone. I'm sure he'll get out of it soon. It's just how things go around here sometimes.


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