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Saturday, February 19, 2011


Remember this post ? The post where I told you about my daughter I'd placed for adoption.  Well guess what?

Today is the 19th of February! 

Today is her 19th birthday!  How cool is that?  I think it is pretty cool.

The cake is out of the oven cooling waiting for mounds of frosting.  It is a great day!  Happy birthday Miss A.  where ever you are, may you feel the love of your birth mom on your happy day!


  1. I hope the day is happy for both of you, as you celebrate the life you gave your daughter!

  2. This post touched me more than you could know. I read it hours ago and haven't quit thinking about it.

    What a sweet, good, incredible sacrifice you made for your daughter. Like the sacrifice our Heavenly Father made sending us here to be raised by our earthly parents. In my mind, I imagine that was/is difficult for Him. But he did it out of ultimate love.

    Exactly like you did for your daughter.

    I need to quit writing, so I can stop getting emotional.

    I hope this day is filled with absolute happiness.

  3. She has no idea what she's missing in you. I know she's happy and that she's had a great family and all. But nothing beats you, Rachel - nothing could. Bless you. Bless her. Bless us all.

  4. We have a most darling little grandson (who will soon be two years old) thanks to a courageous, amazing little teenage gal who loved him enough to let him go. We love our little Keeler. And we love her for her tremendous sacrifice for my stepson and his wife.

    Rachel, thank you for your selfless love as well. I'll bet that beautiful 19 year old young woman is thankful to her birthmother!

  5. It's her "golden" birthday . . . 19 on the 19th . . . we make a big fuss over golden birthdays at our house, too.

    May your heart be filled with joy when you think of your girl who is filling the hearts of others!

  6. Happy (belated) Birthday Miss A!

    And Happy (belated) Birthing day to you, Rachel. I am so happy that you guys celebrate her birthday. I'm sure she would be too.

  7. Happy Birthday to a beautiful 19 year old girl out there in the world is loved more than she knows.


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