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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Really Stupid Like That!

Yesterday was one of those days when I should have just stayed on the couch.  A, "Honey, you just keep getting more and more stupid the more you open your mouth" kind of days.

Levi is in the local cub scouts.  Yeah.  Shocking, I know.  Another scout........  He had a field trip and since I am one of the assistant den leaders (and I use that term very very loosely... meaning, I don't do a darned thing and forget half the time to show up...) I was able to go on the field trip.  We went to the local fire department.  Exciting!!! 

Yes, I realize this is the back of an ambulance and not a fire engine but I wanted to show you the paramedic who thinks I'm an idiot okay?
So, one of the fire fighters is showing the boys the fire engine. Oooh awwww wooow!  He points to a compartment in the back of the truck and asks the boys what he thinks might be in there!  It's one of those roll up doors.  Another fireman was standing next to me and he looks at me and says

Fireman:  Bears or Wolves?

Me:  (Laughing) No kidding!  Or hamburgers and french fries!!  (Cuz ya know, it looks like those concession stand windows....... )

Fireman:  (Looking at me like I'm an idiot)  Bears or Wolves?  As in Cub Scouts.

Me:  (Turning red and laughing again)  Oh!  I thought you meant Bears as in the Chicago Bears and ya know buddy, they didn't make it to the Super Bowl this year.  (Me smacking his arm at my joke.  Wink. Wink).

Fireman:  (Looking at me like I'm an even bigger idiot and not cracking even the slightest smile.....)

Me:  Let's pretend this conversation didn't happen.  (I walk away quickly)

Another door is opened and the fireman speaking shows the boys their 'key' for opening any door.  This contraption that looks pretty much like an axe and crowbar thingy.  He told the boys they can open a door without too much damage with it.  (Does she learn?)  Of course not!  Turning yet again.... to the paramedic who already thinks my IQ is less than his shoe size I said:

Me:  You mean it's not like in the movies??

Fireman:  Actually, that really hurts your foot.

Me: (Thinking you had to somehow kick that contraption with your foot?  Huh?)  It does?

Fireman:  Yeah.  You can break down some doors that way but there are a lot that you can't.

Me:  Oh really?  I bet not!  (Slowly dawning on me that you don't kick the contraption..... he means kicking down a door like in the movies.......duh..... like I'd referred to.. as in the movies........)  (I once again walk away wincing.)
So, the tour continues and I ask the fireman who is showing the boys around if they have any photos of a fireman in full gear because in a real fire, it is really scary, and then to have this hulking figure come out of the smoke at a child can be terrifying.  The fireman/paramedic that I'd talked to earlier went and got geared up.  After photos were taken of the boys and the fireman I went over and talked to him again.  (Am I really this stupid????)  What can I say.  His pack reminded me of my scuba diving BCD! 

Me:  That looks a lot like a BCD!

Fireman:  This isn't a flotation device.

Me:  (Well duh!!!  Gosh, he thinks I really am that stupid........)  I know!  But it is so similar.  You have a regulator.  Do you have two?  One to share like on a BCD?

Fireman:  Yes, I have one and another back here. (He shows me the one attached to his pack behind him.  He pulls it out and shows me.  It confuses me because all I see is tubes.  Nothing to go over the mouth.)

Me:  How does that work?  Say you are rescuing me.  You have your regulator that you are breathing through.  How does that work for the other person?

Fireman:  This other regulator attaches to another fireman's mask.  To their regulator. 

Me:  So not me.

Fireman:  No.  You get nothing.

Me:  So if you are helping me out of a fire, you don't put anything on my face. 

Fireman:  You get nothing.

Me: (Walking away again feeling like an even bigger idiot...........)

Fast forward to me dropping off the other leaders and scouts off at home and Levi and I going to the grocery store.  We pull into the parking lot and it is raining.  Not only is it raining but it is raining sideways!

I have a brilliant idea!  I have an umbrella I keep in the truck.  A big red one!  Levi asks if he can have the umbrella.  I tell him no, that I'll hold it.  He gets out of the truck.  I open my door and then let go of it to open the umbrella.  The umbrella pops open just as the wind blows the truck door shut....... on the open umbrella.  I can't see out, I can't reach the door handle.  I've a big open umbrella stuck between me and the door and the seat and the steering wheel.  I'm stuck in my truck by a big old RED open flipping umbrella!!  And Levi is standing out in the rain waiting for me to get out....... 

This day just keeps getting better...........  Thank goodness I didn't have to call the paramedics to come and help me get out of my truck........  I'm sure Mr. "Hey!  It's the idiot lady again" would have really loved that.....  I can break my own umbrella to get to the door handle all by myself!  Thank you very much!


  1. oh. oh.

    i am.....squinting.

    it hurts, it really does.

    but only because i have had those days. not just one. but...yeah...

    um. thanks for throwing yourself under the...uh...ambulance for a post. if anything, it makes us all feel better about our day today.....

  2. I'm glad that there is a hint of a smile on Levi's face. Sorry that you had one of those days! Next time turn to the person and say that you are a mother of 7 natives so today your brain decided it needs a vacation. :D

  3. I'll bet the guy was so stunned by your beauty that he didn't have the wherewithall to behave appropriately and not make you feel like an idiot.

  4. Ummm, I feel as though I'm adding fuel to the fire by asking this, but did you mean to write "supid" or "stupid" in your title?

    Not that I really care, but I was wondering if it was something else to add to your rough day or if I was missing a joke.

    I'm sorry your day was hard. That firefighter had only to smile at you to forge a human connection and totally change how your day went.

    You're not stupid.

    (But I think you know that already.)

  5. Misty, You know me!!! I'm always willing to take one for the team. :)

    Chastina, Levi had a good time. He was worried about the sirens but they didn't turn them on so it was all good.

    My brain was most definetly taking a vacation all day. It's a common thing around here.

    Scarf kid and Hanna, Yeah. You two laugh all you want. Your turn is coming someday. ;D

    Kathy, Oh that that were true.... but you are a dear for making me feel better by suggesting it.

    Considering I had spent all day on the couch and my hair had the bed head wedge look..... I'm thinking he just thought I was an idiot.

    Anaise, Ummmmm. Can we pretend that I did that on purpose? We won't tell anyone else. Just you. Me. Our secret. As I said in my post..... this day just keeps getting better..... :D

    Yes! If he'd have laughed and smiled with me!!! What a different story might have been told...

  6. actually by bros and sis are thinking im stupid anyway so. :P

  7. Soulds like a great day in the end. The best part is we always get to start over the next morning. Kind of like a re-boot. Last night I could not wait to go to bed because I felt so bad and the day seemed so hard. I knew I would have anew chance today. :)

  8. lol....'you get nothing' (that was a legit question!)

  9. I think I'm going to go sit on the floor now. Sounds too much like a very, very familiar day pattern. The first sentence had me - gets worse every time you open your mouth. We can imagine, then, how many more days I have been alive on the planet to move down that road. But you have survived. That's something. Too bad the umbrella didn't. That's parapluei (not spelled right) in French.


  10. Jody, Thank goodness for new days. I'm in a West Nile brain funk. I know you know what I mean. I thought it was just Monday but I'm having a hard time all week processing thoughts and putting things together..... sigh.... just love this side effect.

    Marseille, It was how many times he had to tell me the answer. :D I didn't type in how many times he had to say it. But you are sweet to come to my defence!

    Kristen, Can I sit on the floor with you and bawl? I'll bring the chocolate!! :D

  11. I totally appreciate what you mean and participate quite frequently. LOL. I have days when my brain funk is so bad I think I am crazy. Just know I have lotsa hugs for you if you need them. Kind of like an endless credit of hugs!

  12. It was just because some of the firefighters were cute. We always go mushy in the brain around cute heroes. Right? (Ok maybe that is just me.)

    @ Kathy, She looked hot. "Bedhead wedge" my foot; I thought she had gotten her hair done. So I'm sure what you said was true.
    @Marseille, He did say it a lot and not very nicely. That part was FUNNY! But probably more so because I was there.

  13. BTW- Great pics! I may have to steal some.

  14. Jody, I love endless credit. :D

    Nat, I think I could have been half of those men/boys mother! Next time, I'll have you ask questions for me, then have you come back and draw the answer on my level of understanding.

    You may borrow as many photos as you want. I have a bunch. Some very silly ones. :D

    We should have gotten some of us! Had I been thinking...... which I wasn't......

  15. Oh. my. I am giggling at the familiarity of conversations like this. Of days like this. Giggling, only because I managed to pull off a day in which I sounded half intelligent. If it had been one of THOSE days, and they are MANY, I'd be alternating between wild laughter and weeping at the indignity of it all.


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