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Monday, February 21, 2011

Recital and Louis

It's tonight!  For those who can come, it is at 6:30 P.M. at the Piano Gallery up in Orem on State Street.   Across from the Scerra theater. 

What do you do for fun, was a question I was asked all of the time growing up when people would find out we didn't have a television.  WHAT?  NO TV?  What ever do you do for fun? 

Well, at first we would sit around and stare at each other all day. Got very boring. That was during pre-hysterical times. It was a fine day when the snarfblatt was invented. We made very fine music.

The Native's will show you how to make fine music tonight.

Books. Lots and lots of books. We would escape into all sorts of worlds and after I'd read all of my favorites a gazillion times I would venture and try a book that judging by the cover didn't look like it was my type but, I was bored and wanted something new.

Louis L'Amour. We had a bunch of his books. I remember them all lined up on the shelf. Little paper back books with a little rooster on the bottom of the back spine. What publishing house is that...... I don't know. I just remember the little rooster.

I chose one one day having doubts that I would care what was between the pages. I tried another, and another, and another. I read them all. I was hooked. Who'd have thought, a teenage girl would dive into the world of Louis L'Amour? The John Wayne of paperback novels.

This weekend I went to my bookshelves looking for a book to read.   I've read them all. I wanted something new. Didn't feel like going to the library. I ran my hands over the spines of my books looking. My fingers came to rest on the spine of a book I've not read in several years. An old friend. Good ol' Louis.

"The Lonesome God's". If you've not read it before..... may I make a suggestion? Do it. Invite in my good old friend Louis and sit and let him take you on an adventure for awhile. It's a good one and I don't think you'll regret it.

Just like you won't regret coming tonight to see The Native's play the snarfblatt.


  1. I'm totally gonna come to their recital!!! I wish I coulda come last year- those videos of them playing were so amazing!!!!!

  2. I think you're right. We may be twins and just not know it! Case in point:

    1. I LOVE Little Mermaid with every fiber of my being. I actually had the entire movie memorized when Allen and I were dating - for real. Ask him.

    2. I LOVE Louis L'Amour! Allen introduced me to his books (also when we were dating). I also thought I would not be interested but got hooked. I read the 4 or 5 that he had and then borrowed every one available at the library of the high school I was working at after we got married. I haven't read any of his books recently, though. If i remember right, the Sacketts were some of my favorite ones, along with The Haunted Mesa.

    Case closed!

  3. I used to be in love with Ariel...but don't tell anyone that. I'll be at the recital - unless I'm dead. In that case I'll be there in spirit.

  4. I wrote a story once about the "Suckettes." It was pretty good, too. I can do his tone. I won't be there tonight. You know how I am about recitals. But beyond that, I'm a little wiped out - in all ways. Took M to the airport at five this morning. After staying up as late as i could and getting up as early, just to bask in his sunlight. Laura kept me awake on the drive home. I sat down here at the desk after I'd fed the horses, and I still haven't moved. i might not till tomorrow some time -

  5. Louis makes you pine for that lost breed of men. Strong, fighting warriors that were gentile with their women. Sigh.

  6. I love L'Amour! The first one I read was Down the Long Hills. I still remember! I think I read them all, my dad had them. I've bought The Lonesome Gods, Walking Drum, Haunted Mesa, and Last of the Breed for my own collection. I may have to get a few more of them now that I've started thinking about them.

  7. Hanna, It was fun seeing ou there tonight! So glad you could come. Thank you for supporting The Native's. You're a good friend.

    Gerb, Signed, Stamped, down goes the gavel. DONE! Boy do we sure have a lot to catch up on. All the years we've been seperated. :D

    Anony, I'm glad you were able to come and that you passed the prison and weren't actually IN prison. :D

    Kristen, You are naughty. The naughty auntie. I'm going to drag you to the next one. It will be Mr. B's last.

    Sarah, Sigh..... fluttery eyelashes...... I know.....

    Chastinia, See? You know a good book when you see one. Love it!

  8. I hope everything went well, and I am sure they sounded like something from heaven!


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