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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some Truth To This Story.

I've just gotten back from my early morning workout. I'm sitting on the couch snuggling a little one as the flurries of getting ready for school surround me. The SM hasn't been feeling well and I wonder if he is going to try to sleep in a little. Should I take Mr. B to school for him so he can get some rest?

Our bedroom door opens and down the stairs comes The SM. I look at him with such love and concern. He works so hard. He is so tired. He has such dark circles under his eyes...... Wait! Hold on a second. Is that what I think it is???

For those whose husbands play 'ward ball'...... I say no more.. For those not accustomed to the Mormon culture. Let me just say, Mormon boys take their ball playing rather seriously.

At least that is the story we're going with. Can you imagine the scandal if the truth got out?? That I am trying to watch what I eat and The SM is trying to help me so he hid the chocolate??? Do NOT mess with me and my chocolate..... just sayin.......hypothetically of course.


  1. oh man. can we have a name? come on.

    who done it????

  2. Thanks for posting the lovely pictures of my pain.
    Sorry, no names. All I can say is that when you are out in public, sneak up behind your wife and pinch her rump, you get what you deserve. Definitely let your wife know that you are behind her first.... And don't mess with Rachel! But definitely, no names.

  3. I am going to get the truth or die. As soon as I catch up on my money and the house and figure out what it was I was doing before I left and what I need (strike that) wanna do next. He looks good even with a shiner. But I do believe the church ball thing. Hate church ball. For so MANY reasons. M got his thumb broken at a church ball game and he was only 4.

  4. Nice shiner!

    My hubby tore the ligaments in his ankle playing ball with the young men. They were playing after mutual, so he shouldn't have tore it in the first place. Still dealing with it 12 years later.

  5. Rachel!! Did you really do this?

  6. WHOA!!! DAD! what did you do to yourself!?! by the way what chocolate are hiding from us?

  7. Let's just say that I have more than one witness of Rachel punching me last night. Repeatedly.... She's a brute with a hard right. Don't let her petiteness fool you.

  8. Rob got elbowed in the mouth playing church ball and now his front top teeth are all crooked. Seriously, compare our wedding pictures to his mouth today and you will see a huge difference.
    (if he wants braces, that's fine, but he has to make & keep his appts. he hasn't been to the dentist in 3 yrs or so because he won't make an appt (and I don't know his work schedule. different every day/week.))

  9. Misty, That's the question of the day isn't it? Who done it!?

    Brian, Rump?! RUMP?! That is what is on the backend of a horse! You calling me fat? I'll give you two black eyes for THAT!

    Kristen, I'm just glad you are back safe and sound despite the storms and weather. Church ball. Giggling. I knew you'd have a comment when I posted this.

    Chastina, Yup! After young men's.... If they'd all just come home like good little boys. :D

    Jody, Me? Little ol' me? (Batting eye lashes...)

    Scarf kid, Do me a favor. Find the chocolate. Or else..

    Brian, THAT. Was sparring. Not punching.

    Marseille, Oh boy are there many a church ball story. These old men trying to keep up with the young men. ;)

  10. That church ball is no good, just ask Richard's ankle- even after 3 surgeries.

    And if it was you...shame, shame know your name!

  11. Nat. (Shaking my head...) These old guys trying to be young. ;)

  12. I still contend that church ball killed my father. Eventually. It was a long, long process.

  13. Anaise, Yup! :D

    Kathy, I haven't heard this story!


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