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Friday, February 4, 2011

Recital Time!

It's that time of year again. Where The Native's are busy keeping the piano going pretty close to 24/7. They've had their rehearsal and know what all they need to do to fine tune. Now it is crunch time and they are busy working on perfection.

What would be even more perfect is if you could come. You wanna? You wanna come and see The Native's play? You know you do. It will be a delightful evening for you.

When and where you ask? I'll tell you.

The Native's piano recital is: February 21st (Monday)

Time:  6:30 P.M.

Where: The Piano Gallery on State St. in Orem (down in the basement)

I'll leave the header of The Native's playing the piano from last year's recital up as a reminder for you until after the recital.

You won't be sorry if you come, you might be sorry if you don't...... just sayin........

Here's a reminder from last year's recital just in case you've forgotten  how fabulous The Native's are:


  1. You WILL be taking vids, right???

  2. Awesome. Pretty soon we'll be going to concerts of The Five Rubows.

    'fraid I'll be out of town that night. So sad.

  3. Impressed is not a strong enough word. Wowee!

  4. The recital last year was pretty awesome...

  5. simply talented, all of them. I like how Miss K is leading. Girls rule!

  6. Holy Cow! Your family keeps amazing and amazing me! See, you ARE mom of the year! secret word verification is "panti"! I just thought you should know!

  7. That was AWESOME! :D Your kids psoitively ROCK! ;D

  8. Kristen, Just be the supportive auntie and quit trying to look for ways to get out of coming!!!

    Kathy, Oh bummer! Hopefully you'll be doing something fun?

    Linn, This was a lot of fun having all fine on pianos. We didn't know if it would come together and heaved a sigh of relief when it did. It was quite fun.

    Anony, And you will be coming this year?????

    Anaise, Me too! And then I could finally meet you!

    Jody, Girls totally rock and boys are stupid. That is what Miss K said last night....... :) When she is of dating age I'll remind her of this.

    Tami, Naw! Seriously, they have an AMAZING!!!!!! (All caps and exclamation points) piano teacher. No credit here.

    P.S. At least it wasn't inawad.... ;)

  9. Corine, Rock and roll. Happens a lot here. They rock the boat and I roll their heads. :D

  10. yipee...I can't wait

  11. My absolute favorite part was the head banging solo. Very talented kids! Now how do I get my kids to practice so they can get that good?

  12. Chastina, Blackmail. :D Works everytime.


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