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Thursday, February 10, 2011

It Pays To Swagger.

Swag bucks.  I was introduced to them by my friends Natalie and Gerb.  They kept posting these updates on Facebook on how they were winning all of these Swag bucks.  What in the world are Swag bucks?? 

I'll tell you what they are.  They are quite simply a purchase for Levi's birthday from Amazon that originally was $40.00 dollars and is now $15.00 bucks thank you very much!!!

And I am just tickled pink about the whole situation.

Search & Win

I thought it was going to be complicated.  I'd have to sign my life away, give all sorts of information, work at getting the Swag bucks....  Not so!  You know your tool bar?  Your search engine that you look up things on?  Like, say I want to look up where I can find the best chocolate in the world.  I'd go to my google search window and type in:  Find me the best chocolate in the world and ship it to my front door now!  Well, here's the deal.  Click on the above banner and it will help you put the Swag bucks tool bar up (you can still keep your google one up).  When ever you search for something use the Swag bucks tool bar and about three times a day or so, you'll win Swag bucks!  Just for using their search engine.   When you earn so many bucks, you go to their store and redeem them which is what I did!  I redeemed my bucks for a $25.00 card at Amazon.   $40-$25=$15  BRILLIANT!  And I didn't even break a sweat...........



  2. Scarf Kid, Is that why you get excited and pounce on any penny you find? A boy after my passion... I love it!

  3. It certainly does pay to Swagger!
    I love it. It is THEE easiest way to earn money and what's better than that?

  4. I thought it had to do with the Swagger Wagon...

  5. Nat, Thanks to you! I be swaggerin'... :D That and couponing. I've become one of 'those' people. :D

    Uncle Rush, Get rid of my truck?? Never! :) I used to have a Swagger Wagon. I've since upgraded to a Pumpmeup Wuzup Truck!


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