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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Recital

Miss K and Miss J playing a duet

Miss K

Mr. M

Mr. T

Mr. C Aka: Scarf Kid

Mr. B

It was a great evening.  The Native's, if you ask them, think they stunk.  A few big oopses in some of their pieces.  They've not made such noticeable mistakes before so they think they did a bum job but if you ask me, The SM,  and their teacher........ we think they did pretty darn good.  Especially since one of The Native's was quite sick and at one point, couldn't even see what he was doing because his eyes were watering so bad and another Native had hurt one of his fingers rock climbing this past week. 

Actually, two boasted that they didn't make ANY mistakes.  Okay, admitting maybe one here and there...  when their older siblings pounced on them. 

End result:  They all got donuts on the way home.  They went to bed happy.


  1. Ah, the joy of inflicting you"ll-thank-me-later punishments on our kids. A parents happiest moments.

  2. As a music professional, I will tell you that I don't count "mistakes." I hear music. I hear how it comes out of the performer. I hear the meaning, the heart. For me, it's not a matter of physical athletics, but a spiritual experience. The children touched me. I was impressed with the discipline of their hands but was more moved by the clarity of their hearts.


    oh my hands were so sweaty I feel bad for whoever was after me. XP

  4. They all did great. What such talent! Can't wait to get my boys started!

  5. SCARF KID! I specifically remember someone behind me whispering rather loudly after your first song. They said something of the sort- "Breath taking (pause) absolutely beautiful..."
    It made me smile! =P

    MR. B!!! Your first song turned me into Jello! I melted in the music and started crying all over your younger brother! (sorry if I got ya' all wet Mr. M.) I know I had heard it previously in Sacrament, but this time it hit me... rather hard ^____^.

    Any who, ya'll did great! I loved being there with you guys and having the privilege to play along with you!

  6. They all did so good!! The scarf cracked me up! LOVE IT!

  7. WONDERFUL performances! Thank you!

  8. Rachel only one video came up for me and that was AWESOME!!! Your house must sound lovely at practice time (or not) ;-0 Can you send me a link to see the rest please, I would love that :-)

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  10. Glad I was able to attend...each of the numbers was amazing!

  11. Jess, I heard that too!!!
    I'm sooooooo glad I was able to come!! They all did so amazing!!!

  12. Such talent from all of them. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed every second. I did not notice any mistakes, I just heard beautiful music! Loud Applaud from this part of the country!

  13. Fabulous! My kids and I sat spell-bound--even my 3 year old.

    I'm impressed that even though there were mistakes, the kid were poised and recovered well. It kept the music alive.

  14. Wow! What talent! I think they all did great. From what I know recovering from mistakes gracefully is more important than being perfect.

  15. Sarah, The recital or the donuts? :D

    Kristen, Thank you for this. They do play beautifully. They move me everyday as I listen to them.

    Scarf Kid, I'm pretty sure The Native after you didn't notice as his hands were quite sweaty as well.

    Sandi, You won't be sorry. Having kids who can play the piano really is a blessing in the home.

    Jess C. YOU did beautifully! You all, all of you, are so talented. Your music just brings such joy to my heart. I'm only sorry that I only get to hear you about once a year!!! You need to open up your windows so I can hear you practicing. :D

    Emma, The scarf cracks us all up!

    Jon and Lisa, Thank you! I can't help but brag on The Native's from time to time.

    Jenni, Oh no! You bet. I'll send you the links from youtube. Most of the time I love the practicing. I will admit, there are times, when I wish we could 'mute' the piano. Thankfully, that isn't often.

    Anony, I am glad you could attend as well!! You provided us with a great gift. Your support and the memories.

    Hanna, Thank you for coming! When friends come to support, it makes it all the better.

    Jody, Mistakes? Were there any? :D Kids can be so hard on themselves.

    Anaise, I took lessons for a year and was in one recital. I shook so bad I thought I was going to shake myself off the bench and across the stage. I don't know how these guys do it. I sure didn't handle myself well....

    Chastina, Isn't that how it is in life? A life's lesson there!!

  16. So fun!! I remember back in the day going over every little detail of mine and Mary's recitals!! Can't wait to start Alexis up!!

  17. Ang, Let us know when you do. We'd love to come and support.


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