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Tuesday, February 15, 2011



If you are of the feint of heart, get squeamish when you see photos of ripping and tearing apart, you best not proceed.  Don't say I didn't warn you.........  It's like a bad car accident.  You try not to look but.......  you're gonna look aren't you?

For Christmas, The SM bought me some beautiful alpaca yarn. My favorite. I had found a pattern online (it was FREE) that I really liked and decided to use my new yarn. The pattern is for a sweater..... I know! I can hear you all groaning. I should know better! I KNOW! Awright all ready!

As you can see, there is much detail in this sweater. I worked hard on it for a month. Knitting here and there on it when I could. It takes tons of concentration and remember this post? Yeah. This has been a hard project for me.

Knitting merrily along I consult the photo that comes with the pattern so I can see the finished project because something just doesn't seem right and the more I knit....... the more my sweater front doesn't look like the sweater front in the photo.

There's a reason.

The very front of the sweater where the buttons go, I've got major stitches backwards! The whole section! If it were the back I'd say to heck with it but it is the very front which it would be as if I'd spilt ketchup down the front of me and pretended it is supposed to be there!

The back of the sweater.... the back wouldn't care if it was backwards.... it's, the BACK!

So, I do what I seem to do best when knitting sweaters...... I rip it all out.

And I am right back where I started from.

P.S. If any of my readers out there..... hello? You are out there aren't you? Hello? (Crickets chirping in the back ground....) Grumble. I'm talking to myself again! I was just going to tell them that I hope I haven't ruined any ones desire to learn how to knit. It's not that hard. Really! It's just me..... had they stuck around long enough for me to tell them that.......

Hello? (chirp chirp chirp......) Drat!


  1. You're such a drama queen!!!

    Ha! Did you cry when you discovered this? I would have.

  2. Tami, Doesn't every drama queen cry during a tragedy???? :D

  3. I understand. I don't know how many times I've started a project over. I've been taking a break from knitting, now I'm thinking I need to start a new project.

    My word verification is tableart.

  4. You know it's called "frogging," right? "Rip-it. Rip-it." It's definitely a part of every good knitters repetoire! I, personally have experienced being completely done with the back of a sweater...only to find that somewhere within the first 3 inches I crossed ONE cable the wrong way! Gahh. But I keep coming back to this hobby!

  5. To paraphrase a favorite book (with no literary merit--I keep it around as brain candy for when I'm too sick or exhausted): "What those? Those are my failures. They're the most important things I have!"

    There's nothing like learning by experience!

    You create beautiful things with your knitting, and you encourage me when you show that you're learning, too.

  6. Oh no, once again you are on a journey. At least it will provide for a new level of learning. Learning is frustrationg. Glad you have humor about it. You could have been much more sour, if you were that kind of person. I am glad you are not!

  7. Chastina, I hope you have more luck than I did when you start your new project. When you do, be sure and post photos!!

    Korrie, When I first heard that term at a knitting class I thought the lady had gone a bit bonkers. Then she explained. :D Mine is more like bullfrogging. RIP IT RIP IT in a big way....

    Anaise, That sounds like a book I need in my library. Heaven knows I've plenty experience in dusting myself off after a good biff it and starting over again. As long as we keep trying right? At least that is what I keep telling myself..

    Jody, They say, (who ever 'they' is/are) that an adventure is when the journey/trip goes a bit out of whack. Not according to plan. So, with that being said, I'd like to enjoy the journey but I seem to take my journeys up a notch and they become adventures. Good thing I enjoy adventures!!! :D

  8. Gah. Gah-gah-gah. I've done it, too - but as I don't make sweaters, but only very small things, I don't have to frog far. And as for the crickets - maybe the frog ate them. But I'll tell you that both Chaz and I are feeling that our readership is shrinking. Maybe we have lost our international charm, darn it, because I still love THEM. Phooey. this just makes me even MORE tired. Picking M up at the airport at 11 o'clock tonight - in the midst of a terrible blizzard, evidently.

  9. Kristen, Oh please do be careful going and getting M. That does worry me. I still read you and so do many others who love you very much. Don't despair. You feel tired because the pressure is lowering/raising with the storms.

  10. aw heck, I would have thought the adventure would have been you just going with what you had, finished it off, then wore it out into this big bad world! Now THAT would have been an adventure!

  11. Jody, It's the perfectionist in me. Can't do it. :D

  12. Anaise - what is this book?
    Rachel. - what else is new? How do you create those photos with words and drawings on them. Now THAT's talent.

  13. Kathy, I know. Same ol' same ol'. Drawing on photos takes ZERO talent. It's called, go to and have a ball uploading photos and doing all sorts of fun stuff with them. No secret. No talent.

  14. Oh, I KNEW I shouldn't have looked. Now I'll have tormented dreams.

    Bullfrogging it. You are SO delightfully funny!

  15. WS Wanderings, I haven't been able to start the darn thing again.... I think I am still shivering myself from the nightmare. Arrrgh! Why do I have to be so inept??? :D


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