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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Photog Does His Thing

Setting the Stage:  Me.  After the recital, running frantically to the back of the auditorium asking the guru of photog to help me set the settings on my camera so I can get the proper lighting.

Perk:  Mr. Backroads Photography grabs his camera and goes to work. 

Small Print:  These photos are brought to you by "Backroads Photography" so please do not copy them unless you have permission.  Thank you for being considerate and not copyrighting.

The Amazing piano teacher, Mr. Mike Carson, with his amazing piano students, The Native's.

Best best friends forever.

Mr. Mike Carson and Mr. M

The Amazing 5 Native's and their Amazing Piano Teacher, Mike Carson.

Mr. Backroads Photography...... himself....... and Mr. M who worships Mr. Backroads.  And yeah.  We pretty much like him too.  Enough to adopt him as The Native's uncle.  Family.  It's what it is about.

Thanks Uncle Rush for taking these photos of The Native's and their piano teacher.  And thank you for coming and supporting The Native's like a good uncle.  :D


  1. The pictures capture the joy these kids have in ther hearts. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

  2. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family! I love the interplay of calm and tension in the black and white photos.

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I love the look of the black and white pics.

  4. Those are some darn amazing pictures! Your baby girl is as cut as ever!

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  6. Pretty good stuff. Uncle Rush is cute. M. is cuter though. My fave? Mr. B with his reflection over his head. And Mike - a total monument in SO many of our kids' lives. Many kisses Michael! Murphy may not have ended up a pianist = but you can bet his aesthetic sense has your voice in it.

  7. Those are some pretty amazing pictures!!!

  8. What beautiful photos!!!!! I sure wish I had a guy like that around here. You are quite a lucky family! I am sure you are grateful for the photo's! I sure would be. What a beautiful way to capture such a wonderful event in these kids lives!

  9. Mike, Thank YOU! I seriously feel that you are a tender mercy and blessing from our Father.

    W-S Wand, Thank you. The black and white are my favorite as well for much the same reason as you described.

    Chastina, I like the black and white too. Some photos just look better in black and white as these do.

    Emma, She's growing up isn't she! Not too long ago you were living here and were her age.

    Kristen, I love that photo as well. Mr. C was so funny. The photo of his hands. He said he didn't realize he had a freckle on his finger. Couldn't see it except when he'd lick his fingers after having chocolate on them and always thought it was chocolate! Made me laugh.

    Hanna, Uncle Rush does an amazing job doesn't he!

    Jody, I really am grateful. I had my camera and I could have taken snap shots but they would not have been anywhere near as nice as these. It is nice to have beautiful photos taken to remember the evening by and such support!

  10. What lovely photos! Such a good looking bunch too :-) We are going to check out your links tomorrow morning so my boys can see what is achievable if they want it :-) Ethan was playing the Cello but this year his teacher retired so unfortunately no more cello....maybe when he is older?

  11. Jenni, I hope the links work! Let me know. Too bad Ethan's teacher retired. I keep hoping our teacher hangs on until Mr. J, the baby is through with lessons which means the poor man has years ahead of him still beings as Mr. J hasn't started yet and won't for a year or two!

  12. You didn't post my favorite of the Three Amigos! Oh well, they are all still great remnants of a moment in time in the natives lives, because Jason doesn't do anything but the best.
    My 2nd fav is like K's the one of the reflection.

  13. Nat, Yet. Not yet. Believe me though when I tell you I will because I love that photo. The 3 Amigo's and some days...... the 3 Stooges. :D


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