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Monday, February 28, 2011

Camera Hijacking

Ever wonder what your punks do with your camera when you are not looking? I went to download photos I'd taken of a scout banquet we'd gone and participated in on Saturday and what to my wondering eyes doth appear....

Proof! I did give birth to a gremlin!

This is what happens when The Native's are sitting in the truck waiting for their parents...

Who done it? When The Native's are little they think I have magical sleuth powers when I know they've written with black marker/crayon/etc. on the wall. How do you know it was me they ask with wide eyed innocence? Their name smeared all over might have been my first clue........

The culprit........ BUSTED!


  1. When I worked at Six Flags, I delighted in astounding children by calling them by their first names, very casually, when I ran across them. And how did I know? They'd bought the hats and had their names embroidered on them. It was great.

  2. LOL! An experience I can relate to, for sure! And the header - I LOVE it. You have captured winter and crafting so stunningly. Awesome!

  3. Oh such cute photos! I loved the ones of the gremlin. Perfect! At least you did not find the kind of secret pictures I tend to leave on unattended cameras of friends and family. And yes, it does involve the backside. Ha! All is fair game in love and war my friend. Keep your enemy's close, and your camera's even closer.

  4. Lucky they can even get to the camera! My mom's is guarded....

  5. LOL, I did that at the court of honor with my moms camera too! except I took pictures of my dad....

  6. Wow, that's the most animated I've ever seen Mr. J!

  7. Kristen, That would have freaked me out as a kid. It would freak me out now!

    WS-Wandering, Every so often my camera gets hijacked and I find it quite amusing what The Native's find amusing..

    Jody, LOL! Note to self: Do not leave camera unattended when Jody is around.

    Emma, They are sneaky Native's.

    Hanna, There were others on my camera of The SM and a few other Native's. I'm grown up and I still do this to my dad's camera. Can't help it can we......

    Anony, Really? You need to hang out around here more. :D

  8. What great close ups! I love when kids ask "How did you know?"

  9. Those pics are hilarious! Though they would make a great campaign for great dental care - your kids all have lovely sparkly whites, what's you secret for getting them to be so good at brushing their teeth?

  10. I'm just thinking you have a really good camera or kids who are gifted photographers because when my kids take my camera it has fuzzy close ups and blurry action shots!

  11. Those are fun pictures!

    The last time we watched some old family movies we all agreed the best ones were taken by a couple of kids hijacking the camera.

  12. Chastina, Isn't that just the funniest? I have the hardest time keeping a straight face when they try to deny and are so amazed that I know 'they done it'! Miss K took charcoal and wrote her name all over the back of the house one year and was just astounded that I kept blaming her! :D

    Julie, Oh you are so kind. My kids teeth have been under the drill many a time. We actually have lousy teeth. Rarely do we come home from the dentist without several cavities. I do have to say though, ever since we switched to electric tooth brushes (which was expensive up front) the dentist experience has been going much better. As for the two little ones, I have to brush their teeth and help them floss which quite frankly, by the end of the day and I'm dead tired, I'm not so good at........ Shame on me....

    Anaise, I have a good camera. :) Although, I think there might be some talent there as well. When I do actually give permission and they take the camera out and about for fun I have been impressed with their 'eye'.

  13. Melissa, I have to agree! The movies The Native's come up with are a scream! Their sense of humor just cracks us up.


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