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Friday, April 15, 2011

Awwww! It Was Just A Dream!

I have no idea what is going on with my dreams this week.  Wowza!  Twilight music playing in the background.....

Dreams are funny to me.  Some mornings, I can wake up so ticked off and mad even though I know it was just a dream, and what ever took place did not happen......

Did you ever have dreams when you were a child where you thought there were spiders or ants in your bed and when you awoke, you searched and searched, couldn't find any, but swore you could still feel them crawling all over you!!!?

What is it about night where you become covered in the shadow of a dream that you can't shake until the day awakens and then the feeling leaves and you shakily laugh and are glad that that was just a dream!?

Or like last night when I awoke this morning all giddy and then as my eyes opened and took in the light in the room I realized that dang it!  It was just a dream.........  and try as you might, you can't sink back into it.

Dreams...... funny stuff.....  Most dreams I think of just that.  Funny stuff.  But I do know that some have meaning.   Those I write down and keep in a dream journal.  They're different though. 

Somehow, I don't think there is a whole lot of meaning in the dream that I had last night other than it made me giddy when I woke up.  I'll take giddy over ticked any day. 


  1. sooo....i take it we don't get to hear the of those dreams...

  2. Marseille, LOL! It was one of those goofy odd dreams that made you wake up giddy and two minutes you can't remember anything about it. Just that it was goofy! All I remember about it was I had gone home to Montana and one of the hills along a road I drive on had been turned into a huge water park. The whole hill was covered in plastic and a ton of people were laughing and sliding down it. That sort of dream. :D

  3. I know ex-actly what you're saying, darn it. But I so seldom have dreams that make me want to cover my head with a pillow and dive back inside. Sometimes I have story dreams - and even if they are sad and compelling, the feeling is one I can work with. Scary I hate. Disturbing is - well, disturbing. Happy, in love, giddy - I'd go to bed early for that. But yeah, giddy over ticked any day.

  4. Guess what? I'm a dream interpreter. Fer reelz! A veritable Joseph!

  5. Kristen, The scary ones, the creepy ones..... I hate those! Mostly, I have, wow! That was the weirdest or goofiest dream but every once in awhile.... the ones where my babies are involved and I wake up breathing fast and gulping for breath. I hate those!!!

    Tami, Oh my heavens! For reelz? I would shudder I think at some of the interpretations of my dreams. LOL!!

    On a serious note though, I have found, the dreams that are meant to be interpreted.. they stick with me very clear and the meaning is given to me just as clear. Usually later in the day.

  6. I've had one night terror in my entire life. It was absolutely horrible. I know what it is like to want to either continue dreaming or try to shake one off. I hope someday they can figure more out about sleep and dreams, we know so little. I do know one thing, some do have meaning for each of us. I seem to dream about one particular thing when I am at a crossroads in my life. It is so strange, but consistent. And it is THE only time I dream about this one thing. I am glad your bad dream was followed up with a good dream. I giggle sometimes cause the hubby wakes up and is "mad" and I can tell it is at me...but from a dream. I just smother him with love to shake him out of it, but nonetheless I think it is kinda cute.


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