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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In The Meantime........

While my computer is still broken and I am borrowing another.......The SM is in Texas and so hasn't had time to fix my computer......... Kristen has thankfully written up a lovely post (no surprise there) about the pre prom goings on.  You can read all about it here and see photos she took of the event

I promise!  As soon as I get my computer fixed I will be posting photos of the lovely ladies in their finery.

Until then, I am up for two nights and two days now with a crying squirming little one with a tummy ache.  Even if my computer was working, I'm too busy holding him as he moans and twists and squirms trying to get his tummy to feel better.  I feel like I'm back to the typing with one hand while nursing days.  So, with that said, I bid you adieu........


  1. Oh, no. This again. Dang it. I'm so sorry, Rachel. Poor J.

  2. Hope your little one gets better soon!

  3. Hope little J is feeling his Cheerioats again soon...

  4. So last time the docs suggested it was constipation . . . same thing this time? or do the docs need to look harder?

    I sure hope he feels better ASAP!

  5. I hate it when my computer is playing up, hope yours is back in working order soon...looking forward to those lovely photos of the dresses. Gosh your place looked lovely all done up, you guys did a great job :-)

    Hope the tummy bug is gone soon xx

  6. Poor lil' guy, so many tummy troubles. Your prom dinner looked amazing. Better than any "out to eat" dinner I assure ya. Your children are so lucky to have a mom who puts in so much energy. So many children in the world have much less when it comes to mothering. I hope they understand. You are so wonderful!


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