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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pirate Island: The good, The bad, and boy were there some uglies!

Levi is into pirates lately.  He wanted a pirate car for his pinewood derby car, for his birthday, a pirate birthday.

Well sonny!  You're in luck!  There just happens to be a place called Pirate Island that we've heard is a boatload of fun.

Trying to decide if signing one's life away is worth walking this plank..........  do we enter....... or do we not......  With the mall and Cost-Co right across the street, I found it especially hard to follow my family into the dark depths... had there been a trashy shoe store also, I'd have let my family go it alone!

I think perhaps, one should wonder, if one should follow a captain of piracy that has lost both hand and foot!  Levi is contemplating this as he holds onto captain hook.

Trust Mr. M to find the cross dressing pirate............... if that isn't freaky, I don't know what is!  Not Mr. M.  The cross dressing pirate wearing gloves no less........ 

Mr. J feels the same way I do about that creepy pirate!  He wouldn't go anywhere near it.

If you won't walk the plank!  We'll throw you in!

Waiting for the pizza...... and my grey hair to be touched up apparently........  The SM showing his good manners while in public.

Food review:  The bread sticks were yummy.  Especially with the garlic sauce.

The pizza was NASTY!  We are not pizza snobs although we should be with The SM's Chicago up bringing.  Nope.  Not snobby pizza eaters and so when we tell you the pizza is nasty.  Please take our word for it.  Not worth spending your gold coins on. 

Much better to spend your gold coins on this stuff!  Giggling again at this photo.  Poor Zebra...

Reminds me of my Shetland pony growing up.  It got to the point where I was so big on him, my feet were almost touching the ground and yet I still made that poor bugger haul me around.

Bet you didn't know pirates love roller coasters!  Kinda plank-ish.

Notice the 'help'.  I'm not sure who had more fun with this.  Levi or The SM helping Levi.

Cracks me up the look of concentration of both The SM and Mr. J's faces......  Look at their mouths!  Like father like son..........

Me thinks......  The SM enjoys 'helping' Levi.  What do you think?

From the look on this pirates face, we couldn't quite decide if the bird on his shoulder had done some stinky something that the pirate was disgusted with or if the pirate leaning a bit cocking that hip of his, was.... ya know....... either way..... what ever it was, it stunk. Unlike Levi's birthday which was quite a boat load of fun. Before we shipped off back home, Levi's fellow pirates all put their tickets together from the arcade games and took Levi to the counter where he was able to pick out some jolly land lubbin' prizes. They be his mates after all.....


  1. Yeah what is the deal with the pirates? My guess is they were pirate school dropouts. One was expelled for raiding his grandma's closet and the other for continually "interrupting" class. Worse gig than being a carny. . . .

  2. Oh! And please tell me the goatee Mr. B was sporting was just for keeping with the theme. Shave it boy! It looks shady.

  3. the pizza was horrible, plus, we could have gone to brick oven and get better for less money. CHA-CHING

  4. are you kidding?! the pizza there is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I've been there twice and I've loved it both times!! Sounds like you had an AWESOME time, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEVI!!!

  5. I love the expression on Mr. J's face!

    My father-in-law also complained about their pizza and I've NEVER heard him complain about food before.

  6. I think maybe that last pirate might have ordered the pizza too. We went there once, paid the big ticket and hated the food. So we decided not to be pirates. You can get better food in the Navy.

  7. Haha, so fun!
    I'm guessing that SM stands for Scurvy Mange?
    I never really thought of him that way, but if you say so...

  8. Looks like all your boys had a good time! Happy Birthday to Levi--again!

  9. Wow, that place is kind of creepy really. We have a place similar here (not pirate themed) that has nasty pizza as well. I went once. It was so bad that it made me so mad that I vowed never to go back. But all in all, bad pizza and creepy pirates the like, as long as LEVI enjoyed himself it was well worth it. Looks like another great day of memories.

    I do have to comment though. I feel for the SM. He looks just as tired as my hubby does. I am sure they both could understand each other's worry and exhaustion more than we could even imagine. Having the honor of one's family hanging on their shoulders can not be an easy worry with a chronically sick wife and then everything else that goes into the role. He is a good man and I think I will say a hard prayer for both of them today.

    I am now inspired to do something for my husband. Just for "him" just to let him know how much I appreciate all he puts into this family. I never feel like I show him enough. Life just gets in the way sometimes.

  10. Sarah, Pirates gone drag........ and dragging..... scary aren't they? If ever I wanted to be a pirate, they sure changed my mind!

    P.S. :D Funny you noticed. Yeah. It came off before church. Boy's feeling his oats.... or something like that......

    Scarf Kid, Next time, Brick oven it is!

    Hanna, LOL! Well, somebody obviously likes the pizza or they'd be out of business and I think we just found that somebody!!

    Melissa, It really was bad. Like I said, we're not pizza snobs, we'll even do Chuckie Cheese..... frozen pizza..... etc. This. Was. Bad!

    Kristen, Which is sayin' something......

    Murphy, That would be Theeee Sexy Scout Master. You can call him The Scout Master though. ;) Then again, if you've ever gone camping with him for a week.... Scurvy Mange might be appropriate too!

    Anaise, They had a great time. An arcade? Oh yeah!

    Jody, Oh my heart. I know.... It has been so many years that I've seen those dark circles under his eyes..... I wish I could make them go away. We do have good husbands. They carry quite a load. You're a good wife to take notice and do something about it by showing your appreciation.

  11. You think the zebra photo looks funny now, give it a few years.

    I think the original owners of the place made better pizza.

  12. Kathy, Any pizza recipe has got to be better than what is there now....

  13. Looks like fun was had by all! Shame about the pizza although the games made up for it no?

  14. Jenni, Yes, the games and just Levi having fun more than made up for it.


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