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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Little Cotton Rabbits Easter Surprise

A package arrives all the way from the UK. It has a pretty label. What could possibly be inside?

A card, with a sweet note.

Christmas at Easter time! Very fitting. Happy wrapped packages.

Two packages for me.. (not pictured and I don't know why... cuz I'm lame, that's why).... a package for The Native's.

A package for my dear friend Kristen...

Frannie! This sweet little foxes name is Frannie!

Kristen got a little foxy loxy too! Showing off her panties. And Kristen says I'm a bit out of the barnish! I didn't flash my foxies panties.... just sayin....

The other packages I put in our Easter baskets and waited to open them. When we opened the tissue paper The Native's found bunny chocolate from the UK that tastes like chocolate should! And I found these cwute wittle hedge hogs!!

You need to go to Little Cotton Rabbits blog. The little animals she knits are unbelievable. Not only in how cute they are but down to every little detail. Perfection. Her finish work..... I envy.

That isn't the only reason to visit her blog though. Just getting to know Miss J is like sitting in your yard on a spring day, with warm sunshine on your back, sipping some sort of a pleasant drink, eating cookies, and having a pleasant conversation with a dear friend. Truly.


  1. How cute! She is very talented.

  2. What exquisite knitting, so beautiful!

  3. Oh, adorable! I love the hedgehogs. :)
    And I really like your blog header. I miss your parents- tell them I said hi!

  4. OK I am speechless now!!! You both got one??? I have been trying for two years to get a bunny from Julie and you both got Easter babies....

    Seriously I am very happy for you they are too cute aren't they! My knitting doesn't even come close and Julie is my mentor. Way back when I was down and struggling I used to go to her blog and be inspired. She is the reason I took up knitting again and the sun started to shine. You couldn't have got a better present :-) Hugs to you K, and your little babies xx

  5. Oh those are so incredibly adorable! I love the hedge hogs. What a nice friend Rachel and what a beautiful surprise!

  6. Chastina, She is very talented. All of her creations are just perfection themselves.

    Linda, You look at her stuff and the detail and finish work.... I wish I had her gift!

    Kristen, And Amen!

    Natasha, I will! I know they miss all of you. They speak of you all still. :)

    Jenni, Don't give up!! I've been trying for years too! This last batch, I got one and I couldn't believe it. LOL! I even wrote Julie and asked her if it was for reals because I just couldn't believe my eyes that I'd gotten one! It was a very happy day indeed and even happier when I opened the box and there she was!

    Keep trying Jenni!

    I believe Julie is an inspiration to many many for several reasons. You picked a good mentor. :D

    Jody, I am amazed at the friends I've been able to make via the internet. You included my dear Jody! It has been such a great thing for me. Such a blessing.

  7. Sometimes the heavens open and blessings drop like manna.

  8. Oh. Oh. I KNOW this feeling. The mystery package. The anticipation. The wonderful crinkly wrapping. The sheer JOY upon discovering the WONDER that it contains. I was blessed with such a gift this week.

    Thank you for sharing your gifts, and the gift of the link.

  9. Kristen, And it is very sweet!

    WSW, It is so fun! I like having Christmas in April and since I just awoke to snow on the ground yet again!!!!! It really does feel like Christms! My tulips for sure are going to keep hiding....

  10. Now THAT was's always nice to get packages in the mail.

  11. Anony, I LOVE getting packages in the mail. Even if I have to buy them myself :D

  12. I so glad that the packaged arrived in time for Easter and that the contents brought you some smiles. Thanks so much for the lovely, kind words Rachel, and for your precious friendship x

  13. Julie, It is I who feels blessed and priviledged for your friendship. Thank you for accepting me with all of my quirks. :D


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