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Monday, April 4, 2011

Last Week

Last week came and went and I did not blog once.  I know you were all sitting here waiting drumming your fingers on your laptops wondering what in the world was going on!  Where could I be?  What was I doing???  I hope you were able to at least tear yourselves away from your computers long enough to get a bite to eat while waiting for me to post. 

Fessing up.  Real story.  True story.  I've told you, one of the main reasons I blog is so that my Mother who lives far away can 'see' what is going on.  If I don't blog for a few days, she's on the phone calling wondering what in the world is going on and if I am alive or if The Native's have tied me up in a closet somewhere! 

Well, she was here! So, I kinda let the blogging world fade into the back for awhile while I spent my days with her and.......

My Mother.  Isn't she beautiful?  How in the world she ended up with such a crazy daughter like me is beyond me.  Beyond her too I imagine.  Someday I hope to be half the mother she is to me. 

my Dad! Really truly I did miss you and thought of you often if it makes you feel any better and that whole with drawl thing. Yeah! Not that I'm addicted to blogging or anything..... cuz I'm not! I could totally quit anytime....

My Dad.  One of the great hero's in my life.  I always wanted to marry someone just like him. 

For Christmas, Henny Penny drew Mr. C's name for her secret pal. She bought Mr. C this habitat. We've been waiting for the weather to warm up so the postman could deliver the live goods that go in it.

Guess what? They arrived much to my, "Oh my goodness! I'm not prepared! What kind of fool water do those things need to swim in? Spring water? They're just tadpoles for cryin' out loud! Can't I just use some blasted water from the ditch?" No money back guarantee if they die. Fine. Off to the grocers to get some spring water.... stupid tadpoles...... 

April Fool's Day arrived after much anticipation and much giggling and warning that all better watch out or they were gonna get it! Poor Grandma and Grandpa got the brunt of the trickery. They awoke to Mr. M hanging this lovely black widow spider from their bedroom door frame only to have the tables turned and the joke played on Mr. M as they were both so bleary eyed when they woke up and walked out, they didn't notice some hanging piece of paper from tape smacking them in the head and face.

That's okay, later in the day, Mr. T got grandma good when turning on the water at the kitchen sink, only to have the sprayer with it's handle taped down go off and soak the front of her shirt....

I had a really good prank that I was going to play on The Native's but in the excitement of much going on, completely forgot! I'm so ticked at myself. It was a really good one! Oh well. Next year...

Projects. My Dad was here, I took advantage. I needed his help on this project and I'm going to make you guess what it is I am making.

All of the lumber had to be treated first. That took forever and two days.

I'll give you a hint. Underneath the wood laid out on top, is what I am making. My Dad helped me make one so I will know how to make the rest.

Spring. The seasons change no matter what is going on in our lives. That is a good thing I've decided.

Henny Penny and I made these little felt spring flower fairies. A snowdrop, crocus, and primrose.

Yellow happy daffodils.

I finished knitting this hot pink girly twirly scarf for Henny Penny who is such a tom boy but loves outlandish stuff like this and thinks this scarf is just the bees knees.

And last but not least, this also arrived last week. It was my Mother's. In fact, I remember when my Mother got this as a kit and put it together. Much sanding and staining and sanding some more and staining and then the assembly. I remember watching her card the wool and then spin making yarn. Most of all, I remember pushing down on the pedal and seeing how fast I could make that wheel spin! It's some pieces missing that I have to figure out which ones before I can get started but I am excited. In the meantime, The Native's keep walking by and pressing their little feet down on the pedal trying to make it go faster and faster seeing how fast they can make the wheel go...... and so it goes...... like spring...... some things, never change.  Time passes, but eventually spring comes back around.


  1. I can not wait to see the treasures you produce from that beautiful spinning wheel.

    And, yes, your mother is beautiful and your dad looks like a super hero. They kind of remind me of my own parents (I really miss them) so it was nice to see them comfortably settled inside your home.

    Lucky girl!

  2. Funny, I DID think that you must be causing great anxiety for your mother. And I don't even KNOW you. Blogs are funny things, aren't they?

    Your mother is indeed beautiful. You know what? Now I'm missing my mother. And father.

    And you have a spinning wheel! One with history. I have spinning wheel envy :-)

  3. Now that's an exciting week, family visits, April fools, construction, flowers, and a spinning wheel!!

    Love the snow still on your mountains, very picturesque :-)

    Are you making veggie gardens??

  4. Well, I *did* miss you, but I accept your very good excuse! Didn't know they'd let your parents out of the Spokane District ;-) What FUN to have a spinning wheel that was your mother's! Can't wait to see what you make.

  5. I wondered where you were, but I didn't fuss because if something dire had happened, I figured you'd have had someone post on your behalf so we'd know.

    What a beautiful spinning wheel. Seriously, I want to learn to spin. Not that I have time or energy to do it . . . maybe someday. :)

    Welcome back!

  6. Tami, I am lucky. Especially since I don't get to see them very often. Both of my parents parents have been gone for quite some time and they comment often about how much they miss their parents. Something we don't ever get over I guess. Good thing we have all of eternity where there aren't any good byes!

    Scarf Kid, (Evil cackle) Wouldn't you like to know......

    WS-Wand, When I started this blog I had no idea what friendships it would open me up to! Friendships like yours! I love it!

    Sadly, I only get to borrow the spinning wheel while I decide if I like spinning or not. It is my oldest sisters and I promised her I'd give it back. Think she'd mind if I broke this promise? :D

    Jenni, Snow in the mountains turned into waking up with snow on the ground the very next day! :D It is gone now, but according to the weather man..... there is more to come. I'm tyring to decide how I feel about that...

    You, my dear, are a brilliant guesser. ;)

    Korrie, They don't! A week here and there is all. This happened to be their week off and they were given tickets to conf. You know my Dad, nothing will keep him from coming to conf. if it is at all possible. I'm just grateful I live close to SLC so they can bunk here!

    I can't wait to see what I make as well. Very well could be a disaster knowing me! :D

    Anaise, True true. Last time it was dire my good and dear friend Kristen wrote for me and let you all know what was going on.

    I am hoping I have the time and energy to learn to spin but am not sure it is my thing hence why I am borrowing my Mother's from my sister before I actually spend the money for one of my own..... I wonder if my sister would notice if I went to DI and slipt her a different used old one. :D

  7. awww shucks....I'm too late to guess. But my guess was the same, so I win anyway.

    Your mother is lovely; in physical appearance and spirit. She exudes a certain warmth and goodness, much like my own mother. I wonder what we will exude, eh, Evil Twin? Anyway, It was fun to have her join in our book club discussion.

  8. Nat, That's okay. We all know you're brilliant. You are a winner in all of our books.

    I have no idea what evil twins exude!!! Hopefully it is colorful. What ever it is!

  9. Oh, the wheel. A patina of history. Lovely, lovely. And did you cover everything, do you think? Ms. HP looks lovely in pink. She's got really long fingers - a better keyboard reach than I ever had. I cut daffs today after we talked about flowers. Mine are smaller and have orange trumpets. Are you finally making boxes for a garden? We always threaten to do that. I think I might actually enjoy gardening in raised boxes. Will you tell Mr. M to keep his spiders to himself? (pant, pant - have I got it all? )

    YAY!! apropos of nothing.

  10. What a wonderful way to spend a week in looming of spring. So many fun things going on your way it seems. So glad you got to spend more precious time with your mom and dad. Yes indeed we need to treasure the time.

    I love the scarf on Miss K. She is so adorable. And the spinning wheel is interesting and beautiful. Good luck in your adventure with it.

  11. Kristen, I'm sure I left out many things but when you're running so fast you're bound to drop and leave a few things behind... as long as I covered the important things......

    Ginger said I could have her raised 4x4 bed. I've not been able to go and get it. Why don't you? Seriously!!! It would fit in the back of Guy's truck and you would love it because it is a raised bed.

    Hee! My security word is tards...

    Jody, The scarf reminds me of stuff you've sent her. Remember that big fluffy white hat? She's worn it all winter. What a hoot she is. Now she's a matching hot pink scarf to match!


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