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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Phew! It Was Just A Dream!!!

Morning.  Blessed oh blessed morning when you wake up and realize that it was just a dream.  Your stomach can unknot itself and your toes can uncurl.

Horror of horrors.  We moved.  We didn't want to.  We were forced to move.  We felt betrayed.  We had to move to a land of creepy crawlies.  Dessert.  Snakes.  Snakes in my bathroom when we'd open the doors. 

I didn't know the snakes from that land so I didn't know if they were poisonous.  Who cares?  They are snakes?  They are all poisonous!

Lizards.  Huge Godzilla lizards everywhere. 

I couldn't handle it.  I felt so betrayed by those who made us move, even though we asked them not to vote for us to move.  I begged and pleaded for them to see the bigger picture and not to vote for us.

They voted.  Betrayed.

I awoke.  I was in my own bed!  I didn't live in a land of creepy crawlies!  There wasn't a vote!  There was no betrayal!

I'm thinking............ watching, "The Biggest Loser" before I go to bed might not be such a good idea.....  especially when the person who is voted off, I didn't want voted off the show!!!!


  1. Yeah - me either. They have a rule, I think, that you can't throw yourself under the bus. At one point, someone tried to throw the show - oh, it was his daughter - and didn't quite pull it off, and then said she'd go home anyway. But they said there'd still be a vote and she wouldn't save anybody by leaving. How ironic - that she would be +4 this time after wanting to leave - then cause her dad to go home instead. Drama. And so sad. But he's not going home to snakes. His daddy must have become LDS in Auckland - and Idaho? The land of potatoes and farmers. Much less threatening.

  2. so who went home? And i'd love to be in the land of dessert. just not the land of deserts. (course, I did move from oregon to utah...) My mom always said you'd want to scoops of ice cream for dessert= 2 s's.

  3. Kristen, That was what was irritating to me. His daughter had tried getting off the show! She's there... and he's not. Kinda lame.

    Marseille, Oh my heavens. I know that! I was taught the same trick. :D The brain isn't connecting. It's been a rough week. :D You're right. The land of desserts....... I would have NOT minded being sent there because then the snakes and lizards would be gummy and I'd bite their heads off. :D

  4. P.S. Oh! And Moses went home....

  5. wow. you dreamed as though you were me. dreaming my life. but you are you. dreaming my life. well. what is was last year. i am happily co-habitating with scorpions now. we have an understanding.

    kind of.

    no snakes. plenty of ice cream. and always a need for losing. :) losing the fat the ice cream gave me anyways.

    i love knowing your deepest fears. your dream cracks me up :) ;)

  6. What I love about this is that you HATE creepy crawly things. But when it comes time to do a bulletin board, what do you choose? Yep, that's right- creepy crawlies!
    I hope you have sweeter dreams tonight. Maybe something along the lines of you were voted to win a shopping spree in a shoe store. :)


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