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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sneak Peak

Whilst I am busy upstairs laying new floor in Levi's room...getting all sticky and covered in horrendous glue.....

The handsome, dashing, Mr. B

Here's a sneak peek at some prom photos.

Mr. B and his beautiful date Miss C.

The goofy yet beautiful youth who spent part of their evening in my home.

Makes me wanna be asked and dress up for prom!  I'd have to lose a few pounds first though which means I'll have to quit snitching The Native's Easter candy.......  never mind.  I don't need to go to prom.


  1. That's a good-lookin' group, to be sure. And how lovely to see a group of beautiful, MODEST girls!!

  2. I think Disney has a movie coming out just for you!

  3. Oh, how familiar a tableau. I KNEW those dresses would be like a fluff of spring flowers - I KNEW they'd be beautiful. And I KNEW the boys would be silly and crazy. How wonderful. Wish I could have stayed. We could have sat there on the couch together and made funny comments. THank you for showing me. YAYAY!!

  4. Oh how beautiful! Your son looks great too!

  5. You have a very good looking boy!

    And those beautiful dresses are like a garden!

  6. Gorgeous pictures - a fairytale prom for certain - I wish we had proms here in the UK! Hope the floor laying goes well and you're not too covered in glue Rachel!

  7. Korrie, It can be done! Proof right here with these beautiful young women.

    Anony, You mean, there is going to be a movie about a mom who wants to go to the ball but can't because she's stuck to the floor with glue because she stole her kids Easter candy? AWESOME! When's it coming out??

    Kristen, I wish you could have stayed as well. I'm so grateful for you and Chazi's help!!

    Jody, He is a handsome boy. It's fun to see these kids all dressed up.

    Anaise, Very springy, the dresses. My favorite part is seeing the girls dresses. So much fluff and stuff.

    Julie, No prom in the UK? Oh that is a bummer. It is a lot of fun seeing these kids get out of their everyday duds and get all cleaned and fancied up. Some of them look downright civilized. :D

  8. Brilliant photos!! Don't the young men look so handsome and the girls all look like princesses.

    It looks like everyone was in fine spirits and for some reason they look older than we did for senior Prom??? So grown up these days so quickly!

    I have been eating the kids easter candy too. I had book work to finish today so I asked Ethan if I could eat the last of his egg and get him some more tomorrow LOL ( I have to say it was cheap chocolate so not as good as it should have been, that will teach me :-) )

  9. Jenni, I know I never looked that mature at their age. I think you're right. They are maturing and growing up faster. Hate that!

    Sigh... yes..... much cheap chocolate snitching here. Desperate times call for desperate measures eh? LOL

  10. Awww....those were the good ol' days...and yes, I mean when I could fit in a prom dress. The dating part- I could leave it, but oh how I liked to get gussied up!


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