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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yeah. We Pretty Much All Rock!

The trip to Washington to see my baby sis did have a purpose other than sitting around till all hours laughing our heads off as our IQ's dropped by the second. This little guy, my nephew, Mr. W turned eight. In our religion, eight is a pretty big birthday. One of several. Eight is when we are baptized and Mr. W's baptism was last weekend along with his birthday. Big day!

Oh what do we have here? What could Mr. W's rockin' awesome aunties get him?

Yeah. We pretty much rock in the awesome auntie business.

Have you seen the movie, "Tangled"? If you have, you'll know the whole smolder look. Mr. W likes to give ya the smolder....

The smolder.......

Being the responsible aunties that we are, we told Mr. W that under no circumstances, was he allowed to skate board without a brain bucket. We rock like that too.

Mr. W isn't the only one who can dish out the smolder look. My baby sis, his momma can too.

Most mommas teach their kids to ride a bike. Not my baby sis. The girl can board!

She's a good momma. My sis above me in age (I've got to figure out a title for her, sis above me in age is too much to type) watched my baby sis with her kids all weekend and enjoyed watching her interact with her kids. She's a really good momma.

High five! Well, sorta... We'll work on that next.

Check out those calves!!!!

Yeah. My baby sis rocks.

I think Mr. W liked our gift. We had to sneak in while he was asleep and sneak this photo. Yeah,  sniff, we rock!


  1. Fun post except for the picture up top. Could you just photo shop my head out please? The triple chins are killing me.

  2. Sarah, I resent that you don't want to have your photo up there with my triple chins....

  3. You could just call her by her name? Or, (and this doesn't go over too well in our family but my brothers still do it) you could call her your "great big sister".

    I love the last picture the best.

  4. lol, your nephew, has an AMAZING smolder. :)

  5. Give them numbers. Sister number whatever. It won't help us, but it will make you feel better. And yeah - you rock. You just can't help yourselves.


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