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Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear Momma

Dear Momma,

You've been calling and I've not been answering my phone so I know you are coming up with all sorts of horrible  imaginations as to the state of my well being.  I'm fine Momma.  It was a busy weekend.

My computer broke so I can't upload any photos to show you the shenanigans that went on here but I assure you, when I do, you will be inundated with them.

I know you are worried.  Last week was hard.  The Native's were home on spring break.  I had all sorts of plans but spent the time on the couch.  Monday and Tuesday I was unstable.  Felt like if I sneezed I'd go into a fit of seizures so I just did what I do best and kept the couch from sneaking across the floor. 

You'll be proud of me.  Wednesday I woke up and it was the first day I didn't feel unstable.  When The SM called at lunch and I told him that, he said, "Let me guess, you're out killing yourself working in the yard then."  For once, I didn't.  I stayed on that horrid old couch and continued to rest.  I wanted to put all my energy into Saturday.  You remembered didn't you?  Mr. B had prom on Saturday?  Yeah.  Mr. B, his date and four other couples came to the house for prom dinner.

Anyway, I rested on Wed.  On Thursday, Kristen and Charlotte drove me around to go grocery shopping and to get some more decorations to add to last years stash.  By the time I got home, I was unstable again.  Now that just irritates me something else.  You can take a lot away from me but if I have to give up shopping too...... well, that just might break this camel's back!

So, I rested some more.  Friday, I again rested.  I needed to go to Cost-Co to pick up a few last minute items and Mr. B's tux at the tux store.  Laws he looked smashing.  You'd have been drooly proud of your grandson.  Looked like a million bucks!

The camel's back 'bout broke.  Came home and dropped dead on the couch again.  Oh Cost-Co...... how could you be too much for me???  I have to say, I was a might discouraged at that point.  How was I to put on prom dinner for Mr. B and all his fancies the next day?

I'll tell you how.  I woke up on Saturday and I said a prayer.  I asked Heavenly Father to help me.  I told Him I wanted to do this for Mr. B real bad and would He help me.   I got up and studied my scriptures for a bit and then I went to work.  The Native's and The SM pitched in and we flew all day like sixty.  I kept going like I'd never been sick in my life!

Kristen and Charlotte came a few hours before the guests and helped me decorate, cook, and do dishes. 

The guests arrived....... they looked like a fairy tale.  It was wonderful.  I served them and then I went and sat on my old beat up can't live without me couch and I marveled.  I'd had a great day.  The guests left after much thanking and telling me how wonderful the food was and how the boys wanted to marry in my family so they could eat my cooking.

Time to clean up.  The SM helped me and I fell into bed awhile later while The SM waited up for prince charming.

Yesterday, Sunday I awoke and felt like I had before Saturday.  Now, some might look at this and say I'd over done it but here's what I think Momma.  I think, that God heard my prayer and answered it in a big way.  That is what I think.  I'd had a hard go of it the previous Saturday with my shake rattlin' and rollin' and that takes a lot out of me.  All week I'd been going through the usual recovery process.  Heavenly Father gave me a gift.  He gave me Saturday so I could do something for my Mr. B.  He knew me putting on prom dinner was important so He gave me that day. 

I thought about that all day yesterday.  I tried to go to church but ended up coming home part way when I felt the shake rattle and rollin' starting to want to rear it's ugly head again. 

There's lots of ugliness in this world of ours Momma but I know one thing.  God hears and answers our prayers.  Nothing ugly about that.

Now stop your worryin' Momma.  I'm doing just fine. 



  1. Tender mercies, you darling girl. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

  2. I wuv you! Our couches need to meet!

  3. It's the Lord's fault anyway - he stuffed so dang much life into that little bitty slender cute-as-anything self of yours. He shoulda used a truck.

  4. now THATS a letter.

    good. just so good.

  5. I was wondering what was happening in your world . . .

    I'll be sure to remember you in my prayers today!!

  6. Nope, nothin' ugly about that.

    Be well...

  7. How I thought about you that day. I will have to remember to add a thank you in my own prayers tonight for giving you such a wonderful gift.

  8. What a great letter! It's wonderful to see how the Lord will bless His children. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Answered prayers are the best kinds.

  10. K's comment had me laughing!

    Hope you are back on your feet again soon, it is horrible when illness stops us in our tracks and makes even the littlest of things a huge effort.

  11. Thank you all. I am so blessed with your kindness and friendship.

  12. And you managed to pull off something really magical. That's a mother's love which goes beyond physical limitations.

    I saw Kristen's photos and it was simply loverly.


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