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Monday, April 11, 2011

Tender Mercies

Last Wednesday I hopped on an airplane and headed for Washington to spend the next several days with these ladies. My mom, my sister above me in age, and my baby sis.

We had a blast. As always, the trip ended much too soon and we are already planning the next time we can get together.

Over the next few days I'll probably post and talk about the fun things we did but because of a major incident that was NOT in the plans..... I am going to talk about why I love my sisters and mommy so much.

We're crazy. We have a blast when we get together.  When the stakes are down and we need each other, even though we are miles apart, somehow, they've always been there for me. Have I always been there for them? I don't know. I hope so....

I've not had a seizure in almost a year I think. I think the last one I had was after our car accident last May. I've had some near misses but I've been able to work through them and haven't gone into one. It has been wonderful. Before last Saturday, I would have told you I thought they were something in the past. Hallelujah!!!

Saturday evening, my parents, my baby sis and her husband and in laws, my sis right above me, and I went to the temple. In our religion, we believe in temples and try to go to them often. To be able to go with my family is a wonderful treat as again, we all live so far apart.

While in the temple, I went into hard full blown seizures. Several with very little break in between. Because of the circumstances and how quickly they came on, I wasn't able to get out of the room full of people that we were in. Over all, I think the whole process lasted over a good hour or so.

My mother and my sisters quietly and discreetly rallied around me and using their bodies to protect me from view of others, proceeded to spend that time working with me and helping me. Comforted and surrounded by those who I love so dearly.

Today, I am back home in Utah. The sky is blue, The Native's have spring break. I am on the couch, deeply fatigued, stiff, and sore. I wish I could be enjoying this day with The Native's off playing somewhere.  I should be feeling down, frustrated, and depressed but instead, my heart is happy and all I can think about is that in my time of need, my sisters and mother were there. Tender mercies....


  1. Marvelous. And looking at all of you, YOU GUYS ARE LUCKY YOU HAVE EACH OTHER - BECAUSE YOU ARE SILLY CRAZY. What a gang. I am grateful to them for taking care of you - how's that for a weird statement. Your poor mother. One day, she opened up a mailbox - and out popped you guys.

    my security word is "baste," which, said with an Italian accent, means "enough." Which is what I wish we could say to that virus.

  2. Oh Rachel. You are blessed with so many wonderful people around you who love you. The best part "get it". I sense from you such an understanding of your blessings. I love how you said that your sisters and mom "rallied around you and used their bodies to protect you from others' view.

    What love.

  3. I'm glad you were with those you love, and who love you so much. That always makes hard things a little easier to bear.

  4. I am sending you hugs xx What a lovely and special family you have! Hope you are feeling more like yourself again soon. On a lighter note after looking at your photos all I could think was your poor mother!! ;-)

  5. Yuck--seizures?!? I'm sorry. But what a blessing to have people to love you and protect you when you were in such a vulnerable state. I sure hope your brain activity stays relatively organized for a while!!

  6. What a GREAT looking group! You are so very blessed to have such caring sisters and mom. If it had to happen anywhere, as you said, at least it was with them. I do hope your recoup time is slim. Take care of yourself dear and know you are loved. Call if you are stuck on the couch and left with nothing to do. HAHAA...a truckful of kids? nothing to do? Yeah right!

  7. Kristen, And all this time I thought it was the stork! Now I find out it isn't the stork after all but the postman.. how disturbing...

    Tami, I really am blessed and I would be most ungrateful if I didn't appreciate and recognize them. I truly feel that sometimes (especially the LDS culture) we tend to "endure" and think all the good stuff will happen after we die and if we can but endure..... I disagree. I think now is the time to find joy and to be happy no matter the circumstances (easier said than done). If we're not happy here..... we're not going to be happy there..... where ever 'there' is. It's all part of the 'come, what may and love it' and 'enjoy the journey' type stuff.

    Korrie, It really does. Being around those you love and those who love you does make things better. I was thinking that as I'd come to how grateful I was that my sisters and mother were there. Made it a lot less embarrassing.

    Jenni, LOL! Yes! My poor mother indeed! She had seven girls and one boy. Seven of us!! She grew up in the city a well bred lady and then raised us girls out in the middle of no where on a farm and spent a lot of exasperated moments trying so hard to get us to act like ladies... She admits us two younger girls helped her loosen up a bit. :D Hee!

    Anaise, Yes, seizures. Another lovely side effect from the West Nile Virus. I've never had seizures in my life before WNV. It makes for interesting conversation and experiences. :D You can be certain those in the Tri-Cities temple who were working that night won't soon be forgetting me! :D LOL! 'Bout gave them all a heart attack.'

    Jody, I hope I recover quickly too as we've got spring break to attack and Sat. is prom. I've a dinner to make for several young people who will be dressed up in fluff and tuxes. I don't have time to lally gag on this couch!!!

  8. Tender Mercies indeed.

    So sorry the seizures struck again, but look at it this way- it has been a while, so maybe it will be a longer while before the next and then an even longer while before the one after that. We can hope, right? And if that doesn't work we will pray for more tender mercies.

  9. Nat, I like the way you think! A good way to look at things.

  10. Those pictures are gorgeous! Do you know what might have caused it to happen again after so long?

  11. Clarice, Thank you! We have been storming our brains trying to figure out what could have trigured. Who knows... we're all coming up empty handed. Some maybe's.... but ya never know.... Maybe I had them when I did because I needed to hear what my father told me in the blessing he gave me after..... who knows... All I know is, we're not out of the woods yet!

  12. And that you had a happy heart after the seizures speaks volumes about you. A woman who understands blessings, in all of their forms.

    And really, what a gorgeous fun-loving clan you are!


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