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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


When you hear the word threading what do you think of? Threading a needle? Before visiting my sister that is pretty much all I thought of.

My baby sis told me about a new way of having your eye brows plucked that we just had to try. It was way better/kinder to your skin than waxing and plucking.

Did we wanna try it? You bet! We were up for adventure. I have to say, it is the oddest thing in the world. The person doing the threading puts one end of actual sewing thread in their mouth and wraps the rest around their fingers and then they go to work threading your eyebrows.

This is where I am being told that I do a crappy job plucking and when I get home, I need to find a threading kiosk in my own mall.  STAY AWAY FROM THE TWEEZERS!  You're not good at it.

It sounds like when you take your finger nail and rub it along a zipper. Bizarre right?

But oh so totally cool and a fun new experience to share with my sisters. The gal who did mine, she owned the kiosk in the mall. She was gorgeous and had gorgeous eye brows. I knew I was in good hands.

My baby sis and sis above me in age had this guy do theirs. Don't ask me what he is doing in this photo. He is goofy when his photo is taken but when it comes to eye brows..... he knows his stuff. My baby sis asks for him all the time because he does such a great job.  So do many others.  You wouldn't believe the line of people waiting to have their eye brows done.  Men and women!  As many men as women.  Seriously! 

My baby sis took over the camera while I was having my eye brows threaded. Meanwhile, my other sister sat and watched our stuff and did what she enjoys. People watching. I just love to sit and people watch.   I get the biggest kick out of it! So does my sister.

Especially when this mall cop walked by. Giggling. We felt very safe with his all of 100 pounds walking around. We felt very safe, as long as a breeze didn't come along and blow him away.....

Done! Magnificent don't you think?


  1. I wanna. I don't get how it works. Do we have one? I have been SO DEPRESSED FOR WEEKS. I need to hire someone to thread first my life, then my house.

  2. Seriously?! That's the best picture I got of the mall cop? So sad. I wanted to tuck him up in my pocket and take him home.

  3. Kristen, We'll have to find one because I was instructed under no circumstances was I to touch my eye brows ever again. :D I do like how you are thinking though.... I wouldn't mind having my house, life, body, etc. threaded as well.

    Sarah, Seriously!! He was so skinny the camera couldn't find him to focus on! :D It focused on everything else around him. Wasn't he just a kick!?

  4. I love your header picture!! Cute photos! The eye brow thing sounds interesting!!! Looks like you had a good time!!

  5. Alex, Cuz we all have great eye brows huh? :D It really is interesting. It is fun to go with a group of friends. Kind of weird having people walk by and stare at you but still fun. We had a great time!

  6. If you find one I want to come! And guess what? I knew what you were talking about when I read the title! WaHOO one point to Nat for knowing something! Of course, it had to be about eyebrows...

  7. I wonder if there is SOMEone in this world who has perfect eyebrows! You try to get rid of yours, and I draw mine in every morning!

  8. Nat, It doesn't surprise me at all that you knew what threading is. Me living in the dark ages when it comes to hair, make-up, etc.... no surprise there. Yes, absolutely! When I find a place, we'll go and get some threading done. :D It's a date! Pickles after??

    Korrie, Isn't it funny? Born with curly hair, we want straight hair. Born with straight hair, we want curly hair..... Perfect eye brows? Probably no one but the girl who did mine were pretty darn close if not perfection themselves.

  9. Marseille, I'll be honest. It does. It's like plucking. Doesn't hurt as much as waxing but I would say about the same as plucking....

  10. see now, i adore the last picture. those eyebrows just make your eyes POP!!!!

    :) :)

  11. That last photo is the bomb...


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