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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Last night for our FHE activity we played charades. My MM went around and asked us all secretly to name an animal or a game, etc. He then wrote them down on a piece of paper and later we had fun drawing them out of a jar and acting them out. When it was our babies turn my MM helped them. The youngest baby was supposed to act out playing football which he did with glee and did quite a good job with his daddy. Then it was Levi's turn. My MM took Levi aside and whispered into his ear what he was supposed to act out. Levi then walked into the room and with a big grin on his face started whispering "a puppy, a puppy, a puppy". He was so thrilled when we "guessed" it! That boy never ceases to crack us up.

At dinner before FHE (the two babies sit by each other), the baby tooted. Levi with a mouth jammed packed with food looked at him and said, "thaz gwose" food is now hanging out of his mouth and falling onto the table. Levi doesn't know how to take "little bites"....we're still working on that one.........kind of hard though when he does stuff like this and I bust up laughing and my MM sits and shakes his head chuckling......which then gives all of the other natives permission to bust up as well........and Levi sits there with his mouth gaping, food hanging out wondering what we're all about.


  1. I love Levi! After church he came up to me and gave me knuckles. It made me smile.

  2. Could Levi come and play sometime? We could always use a little more innocence, humor and fun at our house.

  3. charades is the best--especially with little kids. Levi sure spices things up, doesn't he? :)

  4. I think Melissa has it right - total innocence. Course, you usually associate that with flowers and kittens, not food falling out of your mouth -but then, they do say, "out of the mouths of babes - "


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