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Friday, November 14, 2008

If I had to do it all over again.........

I'd do it different. I have decided looking at the bill that I didn't get my monies worth at my spa retreat. I did not come home feeling refreshed and rejuvinated. I came home worse off then when I went in.....well......a few hours before I went in.

So here is what I'd do differently. Have you seen the movie "Overboard" with Goldie Hawn? Next time that is gonna be me. "Oh Phlebotomy boy, now that you are done acupuncturing me I'd like you to rub my feet." "Oh nursey! My pillows are getting stale, I'd like new linens every six hours". "Oh cleaning girl, I do NOT like sitting on a cold toilet seat so I'd like you to make sure it is warm every time I need to go and think." "Oh doc. boy, I don't know what you call this stuff but it is NOT food. Run and fetch me some Costa and hurry up, I'm feeling palpitations in my chest." "Oh physical therapist boy, I'll need a massage and my nails done, manicure AND pedicure and don't make me look tacky!" "Oh head of nursing department, what is with the beauty products in this place. Do not give me that line that they are all wonder everyone looks like death in this place."

I want a refund


  1. Yeah, well - I've done business with these people before. You won't get it. They don't offer a guarantee on anything. YOu know how they say, you break it, you buy it? With these guys, it's - you die, you pay.

  2. I am so going to remember that when I deliver a baby!! Or whenever I am in that hospital...sorry I was the only one who painted your nails. You would think that how much those people take out of your wallet that they would have done that...not to mention the hot toliet seat. I mean come on...what kind of service is that. You can't tell me that one person in that hospital would not enjoy such a treat. You should come to the hospital when I am there, if I am there, and be my voice sista! Because I may be drugged...or out of it. I hear it happens.


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