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Friday, November 21, 2008


The schools around here do this thing called "Reflections". It is an "art" competition where the children are given a theme, (the theme this year is "Wow") and then told to come up with a project that will be judged. It can be drawing, painting, music, dance, photo, poetry, essays, stories, sculpture,.....anything "artsy".

Last year this native who is helping his baby brother carry his punkin (in this very blurry photo because the batteries in my camera were dying) entered Reflection's by writing an essay which I posted here.

This year he decided he wanted to do something with photography. Since I'm stuck in bed and of no help what so ever I handed over my camera and told him to have at it. The following three photo's are what he came up with.

He took a piece of construction paper, cut it out so it would look like a matt and put all three photo's side by side. Photo's of his baby sister in her Ninja Halloween costume playing basketball with his baseball cap might I add.
The other day I got a message on my answering machine. It said something to the effect of, "Matthew Rubow has won an award for his Reflections entry. Please keep this a secret and don't let him know. There will be an assembly this Friday (today) where he will be given an award."
Ummm, keep it a secret....ya.........I'll work on that since it came blaring across my answering machine twice! The first time the message was left and the second time when I hit "play".
Lucky for the message giver.... the natives were heavily engrossed in a game cube game and were oblivious to the whole thing.
Later that night I asked my baby if he thought he'd won something for his photo's to which he replied, "I don't care, all I care about is I GET A DONUT FOR ENTERING!"
I am so glad he keeps everything in perspective...............


  1. i hope he gets 2 donuts for winning.

  2. Hooray for Matthew! What good kids you have...

  3. What a great attitude! I hope he likes his prize as much as he likes donuts.

  4. oh yay, how fun that he won something! That's fabulous.
    I remember entering reflections. that was always fun.

  5. I wonder if anyone would even enter if they didn't give out donuts! That is why my kids have entered, too! Great job!

  6. Rachel, I am back!! Just in time to run the stupid reflections contest. I had to cut my trip 4 days short, just shy of visiting my ancestral islands in Guernsey, to run the dumb thing. P.S. I am very happy Matthew got an award, as well as a donut. P.S.S. I would have E-mailed you but we could get no connections, unless we paid 30$ per half hour. We didn't and now I have close to 1000 junk e-mails that need to be deleted. Oh the joy of re-entry!!!

  7. Great photo set. Love the ninja. Love the swish. Loved the essay. Oh, wait - I love MATTHEW!!! And you. And Brennan - just fill in the rest of the blanks here. And who needs prizes when you've got pastry?


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