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Thursday, November 6, 2008

A watched pot never boils.

While I was in the hospital I was not allowed to go potty without someone right there watching me. I was very weak and my balance was off. I was a bit tipsy shall we say. I won't go into all details but lets just say......having the catheter in some ways was easier but boy was I glad to have it out. It just meant frequent trips to the hootie and I had to bring Odie "my IV pole" along with. The choreography of the whole matter puts anything Broadway does to shame.

Being immobile in bed tends to make things let can I put this delicately....things do not move as well so it was several days before things moved south. When they finally did it wasn't like traffic during midday. It was rush hour traffic. Slow and lots of stopping.

Can I just tell you that it is bad enough being watched when it is a quick wetsy number. But......when it is a traffic jam and you are sitting.......and sitting........and sitting......and the nurse keeps looking at her watch.......and you're sitting........and then you start to giggle........because you're honking your horn more than you're moving......and the nurse doesn't see anything don't dare make eye contact so you stare at a spot on the floor giggling......and the nurse gets nervous because giggling makes your balance even more woozy........and finally your sister who is also there trying to keep a straight face tells the nurse, "I've got it covered, you can go do something else." to which the nurse gladly rushes out of the room.........and then you both dissolve in a fit of laughter.

Thank heaven for sisters!


  1. LOL....there's my smile for the day! Tee Hee. I hope "traffic" is moving better now.

  2. ha ha that's my smile for the day too. I totally love your analogies!

  3. That's my girl!! To put it . . . delicately.

  4. ha! Wow, I could never ever do that with someone watching. It would be physically impossible.
    Can't blame you for giggling, I just don't see how the nurse wasn't giggling too. Maybe she's just way more mature than us? :)

  5. I've been to your house and that "pot" is always boiling!!!!

    Loved our laugh last night!!!

  6. Rachel, you crack me up! that nurse must have had a stick stuck somewhere very uncomfortable, because if you were my patient you would have never lived it down.

  7. Okay, really. I'm over watching pots after this.


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