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Friday, November 7, 2008

Confession....another one.

What I am about to tell you you must NOT tell anyone. I will die of mortification. Hold a sec. there a connection?

Anyway, I'm holding you to keeping this between me and you. The only reason I'm sharing this with you is so that you'll know you are not alone. Sshhh. I do it too.

Remember the post about the afghan my mother was crocheting? This post? Ya, well. There is another reason that my sweet husband who isn't afraid to let his wife be a baby sometimes cuz he's man enough, put that afghan across my shoulders. He knows my secret and he knows that it is okay to be a baby sometimes cuz he's man enough to have a baby for a wife.

When I was a teeny tiny newborn my mum would sit and watch me take my itty bitty tiny fingers and poke them through the holes in the little blanket covering me. A crochet blanket. I've done it ever since. I can't stand it. My fingers can't keep still if there is a crochet blanket in sight for me to put my fingers through. Believe me I've tried! I've tried to grow up and be mature but I think in Heaven I must have had a crochet blanket it is ingrained in me that deep.

So see? It is okay. I know that when no one is looking you occasionally suck that thumb still or wrap your hair around your fingers and yank. I do it too! We can handle being a baby cuz we're tough enough!


  1. Mortify - die. I would just die if you knew. It means the same thing. Funny, how we let little parts of us die over nothing. Like somebody seeing our kitchen the way we actually keep it these days, or hoping nobody ever notices the size of our various body parts. Little deaths over insignificant parts of life.

    It's okay to be a baby. And there have been days when you've been woman enough to let him be the helpless one. But shhhh - never let him know that you noticed that . . .

  2. Beautifully written by the way.

  3. Well, I like to twist the ties on quilts... When I was little I would suck my two middle fingers on one hand and twist the ties on my baby blankie with the other. So while I don't suck my fingers anymore (well maybe sometimes.. jk!) I do still like to twist the ties!
    And in response to your comment about Littlest pet shops VIPs... If you guys don't have a T.V. you are probably free of these wordly wants my girls get brain washed in to wanting!

  4. Yeah, I agree. I still pick my nose. Did I just say that in public???

    Mine is twirling my hair. It is fun to watch the things my kids still do. Shania hums while she eats. Has done it since she was born. Kind of funny.

    Thanks for your blogs. They make my day. Love you.


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