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Monday, November 17, 2008

So what if Thanksgiving is next week....

All right already! I'm a day late and a dollar short. What's new? Not Halloween? Well that is what YOU think. Around here it is Halloween everyday when your mother is a witch! Just ask the natives.

What would we do without grandma's? What is Halloween without sugar?

Grandma helped the natives make sugar cookies.

I would have and all cuz I'm that kind of mom but......

grandma doesn't get to see the natives very often....

and I have loads of sugar baking memories with the natives so........

I let grandma have the memories this time cuz........

I'm really nice that way............

You know.....thinkin' of others and all.

I also decided that I have lots of memories carving pumpkins with the natives so I let grandma have punkin' carvin' memories this year too.

See, the way I figure it. It's been a long time since she's had little ones around.

A down right shame if you ask me so I got to figurin'........

I'd give grandma all the memories I could this visit. Bein' the least I could do........

after all she's done for me over the years.

So I said to myself, "self, you just sit back, get out of the way, and let that grandma have some memories."

So that is zactly what I did!

I got out of the way and let grandma make memories!

And don't you for one second think it's been easy sittin' back lettin' grandma have all the memories with the natives.

I'm just doin' it for her ya know.........

Cuz I'm nice that way. Always thinking of others.

Grandma? You smell that? Man that's bad. Baby native, go with grandma and make some memories! Cuz I'm nice that way............


  1. First of all, that bread in the header looks like it needs a new home - MINE. Second of all, I am impressed with the level of selflessness you have shown us all, and there you are, re-setting the bar really, really high in that way, and showing us the light. If only MY natives' grandma would take advantage of the light and knowledge I have thus far gained from you, then there would be cookies in this house and that pumpkin I had to throw out the other day would have fulfilled the measure of its creation, which it never got to do because I was too selfish to allow somebody to carve it.

    Now, I am unselfishly holding down Gin's couch while she is off going to the doctor. See? I can learn.

  2. What a great way to show Grandma how much you love her. :D

  3. You are an inspiration! (Besides, someone has to preserve the memories. You did a fine job.)

  4. we're all about better late than never at our house, and we're all about letting Grandmas (and Grams of course) do as much as they want to. No stealing memory opportunities here! I think you're impressive with your level of restraint. And I think your family is just full of the cutest people around!


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