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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I hate it when my teenagers one up me. It isn't fair. I've never done this before. I don't have any guide or rule book. I didn't when they were little but I was able to snow em' better too!

Last night Brennan brought up a movie he REALLY wants to see. "I know", he says, "why don't you and dad watch the movie with me and when it gets to the bad part which is only like five seconds you can fast forward it".

Thinking I'm all that and more I say, "I know, why don't you eat that piece of moldy bread right there, it only has a little bit of mold on it....the rest is just fine."

To which the native replied, "I do. I just cut out the moldy part and eat the rest. It's perfectly fine."

But but but.......punk! I should've said something more drastic like "what if the piece of bread fell in some dog poop"? AND I DON'T FEED THE NATIVES MOLDY BREAD! We were both trying to make a point.....It's the principal of the matter.....


  1. hmmm. Sometimes they are smarter then you think huh?? Teenagers will do that I hear. He seems like a cleaver one...hopefully he will put it to good use for other things then putting his mother in her place...but by the looks of the story...I get your point. You are right he was just being a punk.

  2. You could see if the movie he wants to watch is available in an edited format. Of course other people's editing may not edit the things you don't want your kids to see.

  3. You've got to think fast to keep up with these smarty pants kids! You just keep telling me stories like this--I need preparation for when Max is a teenager--yikes that's a super scary thought!!

  4. I always leave it completely up to them. I figure that I have taught them and they need to choose. Of course, you realize that I also make references to that when I far I have 100% choosing not to and that's not a bad record with 8 teenagers (guilt not great parenting here!). Oh--and then there's the kid you know will choose it--for that child I just tell them that they are welcome to choose to watch it, but I cannot be responsible for my choices if they do. That's my trump card: "You can choose your own actions, that is true; but I will choose what I will do as well." She never ended up wanting to go there...I wonder why! Meanwhile, it is your son you're talking about and I know he wouldn't push much, so mostly inapplicable anyway. So shutting up now.

  5. You parents are all too nice. I'm all for letting him have the experience. And, I'd prepare his favorite snacks, too. Like, put a bug on his chocolate chip cookies, a booger in his ice cream, a dog turd on his brownie, sneeze in his milk shake . . . I think you get the point. Get it all ready for him, set it down, and say, "Enjoy, honey. Here knock yourself out!"


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