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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Eleven years ago this little native was born. (Ummm, editor's note: That would be 10. He turned TEN....thank you all of you who pointed this out to this poor natives MOTHER. I promise, I do love him and I DO know how old he that you've reminded me......)
Today he is taking five things to school that represent him.
A stuffed snake (he loves snakes), a piano book, a game cube game, Pokemon, and a Bionicle.
If I had a bag I would put in: a big heart, smiles and dimples, the sound of his laughter, a tender spirit, and a willingness to help others.
I love you! Happy Birthday baby!


  1. Hey! Don't make him grow up any faster than he already is! Happy birthday Matthew!

  2. He is seriously the cutest boy! I love that I get to be in primary and get to know him! It makes me laugh at how different Colin and Matthew are! And what is up with that delicious pound cake on your header! I want to lick the screen every time I read your blog!


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