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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Free entertainment

Growing up on the farm out in the boonies, without a television made for some interesting entertainment. What is it with kids in the city or on the farm and hiding from passing cars? I admit we hid for reasons that would later be met with a paddle on our hiney's when caught as I recall in this post but the question still remains. Why is this? What is the fascination with hiding from passing cars as a kid? I can tell you why I hide now as an adult! If you woke up and saw my face every morning you'd be hiding from passing cars too but for kids it seems a universal thing.....or is it just me and my natives.......Maybe I should buy them cable.......


  1. so funny!

    and that car was going way to fast!

  2. Who was driving that freaking car? I have some things to say to him - assuming the gender. I'd like to punctuate the nice words with a kick in the pants.

    Listen, hiding from cars in a wheelbarrow is better than watching grass grow -

  3. I love it! My kids do it too. If my memory is accurate, I did it also.

    I'm always amazed at the race track that street can be! You should see them take the corners down here. I'm surprised we haven't had more accidents.


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