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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Helping Hands

I've mentioned on here many times about growing up in rural Montana. How I loved running through the hills and fields for hours and miles and with my imagination. The work ethic I learned growing up where I did. We lived off of the land. We had a big family. Not working together as a family wasn't an option. You didn't work, you didn't eat.

You've also heard me many a time complain about living in "the city". I know. It's not "the city" for someone like The SM who grew up in Chicago but for little ol' country girl me, this is the city.

I've struggled with wishing The Native's could have the land and experiences I had growing up. Having so many boys I've worried and agonized (yes, agonized) over how I am going to teach them the work ethics they need to survive in this world when they are surrounded by concrete.

As much as I have yearned for land and living out further I am beginning to see the wisdom of a loving Father in heaven who has placed us where we are especially in the last few years with my health. As neighbors pitch in to help me take care of my family, hire my boys to do physical labor that takes the starch out of their shorts at the end of the day they are so exhausted, help me with my yard when I am not looking, bring us endless amounts of food, let us borrow their truck when our vehicle is smashed to smithereens........the list never ends!

I am truly grateful for the gift of a helping hand and those who so willingly offer it.


  1. It's often a blessing for those who get to give service, too.

    By the way, I really like the new header...

  2. We are the land, honey. We were the land from the beginning.

  3. I LOVE these kind of pictures! Especially when they are taken in the mountains. You know when you look at pic's like this the "adventure" was met with such peacefulness. Where were you? Did you take a vacation? How awesome! Just beautiful!

  4. We end up where we end up--and there's usually a good reason for it, right? I'm so glad you've been well taken care of. And your boys are so great.

  5. I hear you loud and clear... We always want our kids to have EVERYTHING we had; but we often forget that just as we had things / experiences they don't have, they have things/ experiences we didn't have.

    Love the post, and the family photo! :) TTFN! Corine

  6. PS. I like Teachinfourth's comment. And I think I'll add the thought that we all serve, and give service at different times in our lives, and in different ways. ;)

  7. I grew up similar to you and miss it often. There are plenty of down sides to growing up country, but there's just so much good as well. Now, I go and visit my parents and give a little taste to my kids. Still, there's still too much complaining from my kids when it comes to work. What's some "city" work they could do?

  8. Sounds a little like a conversation I had with someone recently...

    I for one, am glad you ended up here in the big ol' city.

    The new header is priceless!

  9. I waffle so terribly between wanting to live off the land and being thankful I'm less than a mile from a grocery store. My sister just bought 10 acres, and as I watch her and her family learn how to live a new lifestyle, I go from envy of her life to gratitude for my own over and over again.

    But I agree--Heavenly Father knows best, and your family seems genuinely good.

    Blessings are wherever we look.

  10. Uncle Rush, Which is why I like to be the one's the recieving part that is hard for me.

    Glad you like the header. We had a fun time hiking in the snow in JUNE! I need to get with you and have some real photos taken.

    Kristen, Yes, but I want more. :D

    Jody, We just went for the day up to the Provo River Falls. It's about an hour and a half drive from where we live. It was just gorgeous. The falls were roiling and heart attack inducing everytime the little ones would get close!

    Ginna, Yes, there is good in all things. Must remember that as you make your trek soon.

    Corine, Absolutely! And oh so true. I need to remember this. Someday they'll be wishing their kids had what they had right? ;) That is the hope anyway.

    I agree! Service in all of its forms is a beautiful thing. I just need to do better embracing certain parts of it. The giving I can's the recieving.

    Natalie, Front porch conversations. One of the things I do love about living in "the city". :) I'm glad I live here too, because it meant I got to know you!

    Anaise, LOL! This is me as well. I like the idea but oh my the work!! And the convenience of running to the store for a quick something or other...... I'd to order the best of both worlds please with a dallop of bliss on top! On second thought. Could you super size that?

  11. I think the header photo needs a photo credit.


    And I'm still waiting to see the rest of the photos................

  12. Kathy, I know.....sigh......I'll get around to of these days! :D


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