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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It may be broke, but he's not broke!

It may be broke, but it sure isn't slowing Mr. J down.........

Mr. J had a bit of a run in with amazing heights and the ground.

The ground won.

But as you can see, it doesn't seem to be an issue for Mr. J

If he's not hopping and crawling around himself,

He's got The Native's trained to come and carry him around at his every beck and call.

He even has Levi hauling him around in his bike cart! It's a good thing I don't bow to his every whims. I've a heart of steel. I'm not falling for his antics. I refuse to be manipulated.

Oh! Mr. J just rang his bell. Need to go and fluff his pillows...... What? WHAT??


  1. Oh to have a young body again. I don't even remember what it was to have two feet you don't even have to thnk about ever -

  2. If I had a score of people to pamper me, I just might consider getting hurt, too.

  3. AWWWWWW!!!! he's so adorable- even when he's hopping around!!!

  4. That cute little stink!

    But you know, I don't know who a summer cast is worse for the mom or the child. I feel for you woman; I really, really do.

  5. Love the tye-dyed shirts! And Mr. J. Cute as ever.

  6. That is the Mr. J I've come to smile at every time I see him! How great to be the baby of the family so you can be catered to. :)

  7. Kristen, Isn't that the truth! Or grabbing onto something so I don't topple over!

    Uncle Rush, It gets old after awhile. ;)

    Hanna, He's got the hopping around down pat!

    Natalie, If the dark circles that are getting darker are any indication, I think it is the parents. And trying to sleep with him because he's crying during the night is wearing thin. I don't know how many times I woke up because I was thumped on the head with his cast. I've never seen anyone flop around in bed in their sleep like him. It is unreal! I kid you not. Every five minutes it felt like he was flopping that thing over the top of my head, so I'd turn in bed too and have my head at the end and WHOMP! I'd get smacked in the head again. Unreal.

    Lyndee, Aren't those tye dye fun? I just love tye dye. You can't do it wrong, you can't make any mistakes, it is what it is! Mr. J is cute.....when I'm not trying to get sleep.....

    Chastina, Are you the baby of the family per chance? :) I was for awhile and I have to say I ate it up day after day. Yeah! I know that spoiled feeling. :D And I loved every second of it.

  8. Oh Rachel, I don't feel well. Can you come over please. Bring Mr J too cause he know how to work ya and I need some experience so he can show me how it's done, nkay? Thanks

  9. Jody, Well ya know honey, I would in a heart beat but I'm not feeling well myself..I need some pillow fluffin', some bon bons, a good chick flick..... moan...moan... fluttering my hands... :D

  10. Don't let the dr see these photos. I don't know if he'll believe that J is staying off his injured foot.

  11. Kathy, When he sees the state of the cast I think the gig will be up. He has drug that thing all over the yard through grass, sand, mud, dirt....... He's a boy. What do you do.


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