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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Looking forward

Looking things to come.......

and am so grateful.......

The SM.......

knows how to can.......

and put up produce now........

He makes THEE best fresh homemade salsa ever!


  1. Those pics made my mouth water for fresh produce. Yummy!

    I'm glad you have so many helpers so your produce doesn't get wasted.

  2. Very little in this world is better than homemade salsa.

  3. Cool photos! Of course, you are missing a picture the most ready crop in our yard---cherries! I think we are less than 1 week away from picking, eating, canning. I'm sure the natives are delighted.

  4. Lucky you. This year we have nothing except a couple dozen peaches to look forward to. I have been enjoying a few of my raspberries each day, so at least that is something to make me feel productive.

    Brian, I know someone who would love to take a bag or 2 of those cherrys to Youth Conf. next week. Just name your price. Reasonably, of course.

    I knew that line full of shirts would make a great blog pic and look at your header! It's marvelous!

  5. My fam's gotten about ten cherries from our puny tree in our backyard... but when I look out my back window and see YOUR tree... Brians right. you totally need to put a pic of your drooping cherry tree on your blog!!

  6. Let me know when the salsa par-tay is…I'll bring chips.

  7. I planted a pot of herbs this year. Does that count. Oh and I've heard rumor that my husband is growing some vegetables, too. Hmmm.

    Love the tie-dye. Looks like you are going into competition with the gal at the farmer's market.

  8. Chastina, I do have helpers. Not exactly happy helpers but I do have a few helping hands around here. Actually, they are good sports. With so many it makes the work fun and quick.

    Lyndee, I agree. It is addicting. We sit down to snack and dip some chips and next thing we know the bag of chips is gone and the salsa with it.

    SM, That would be because the photo I took of the cherries didn't turn out. When we pick them, there will be lots of photos. No worries there.

    Natalie, Early next week they'll be picking and selling! :D

    Seriously, nothing tastes better than fresh produce. The store stuff.......just doesn't compare.

    Yup! The T-shirts made it onto the header. You are correct. It is... after all.... a holiday...... not that I need an excuse to tye die and celebrate.

    Hanna, :D I'll see what I can do. It is a bit droopy isn't it? That's a good thing. Droopy means loaded!

    Kristen, They will be if they make it to full grown and Levi and Mr. J don't pick them all first.

    Jody, Mmmmmm is right. When the salsa is on.. I put it on my eggs, my potatoes, on my chocolate ice cream... just kiddin'. Don't mess with my chocolate!

    Uncle Rush, You're on! Hope you can take some heat!! :D We like it HOT HOT HOT!

    Kathy, Absolutely!! Herb gardens are fabulous. Fresh herbs, can't beat em.

    I loved the garden your hubby did three years ago........I'm still eating produce I put up from that garden.

    Umm, the tie dye is a work in progress. The above photo is before the t-shirts got washed. Now that they are washed the blue isn't as rich and the red is pink......hmmmmm......and the white is blue tinted. I think I need some pointers from the tie dye lady..... Nope, at this point she has nothing to worry about as far as competition goes. She's got that arena!

  9. rob said our cherries have worms :(

  10. Marseille, We've never had worms in ours so the boys have sold them out on center street in years past. This year.....Trevor was going to sell them and put the money towards his eagle project. They were going to start next week. Guess what? Ours have worms too.......guess we won't be selling them this year......

  11. so the misquitos weren't bad this year...I guess its misquitos or worms. :(

  12. Marseille, It's the plague. :D We can't choose which one it will be.

  13. Rob wants to know if you guys sprayed your tree this year, and if you normally spray it. We sprayed it late this year because of the wind and rain (and busyness)

  14. Marseille, We sprayed but not often enough like we do in the past.


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