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Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm confused........

When Monday comes around do you ever feel like a monster came and abducted your body in the night?

Even though it is June........

Just don't be going around saying "Trick or Treat" expecting to get anything. My brain can only handle so much confusion on a Monday morning.


  1. That's a big purple dinosaur tail.

  2. I love it! Max wears his costumes all the time. In fact I came in to give him a kiss when he was in bed the other night and realized he had a great big giraffe costume on. It was like 90 degrees in his room. He's insane.

  3. very confusing for a monday! i agree. they should at least wait until tuesday for their shinanigans. is that how you spell shinanigans?

    ask the natives.

    they would most certainly know! :)

  4. Yes. Actually, I would say what Misty said. And I am very confused myself. And sweating in a T shirt. You know, it strikes me that, sans natives, I have lost track of what season of the year it actually is. Only the grass in the pasture helps me nail it down. Monsters, on the other hand, seem a-seasonal.

  5. Try getting those two partners in crime to keep the hood on for two seconds in October when it is chilly and you don't want them to catch a cold and you want them to look cute for Halloween.

  6. I'm your newest follower from the blog hop!

  7. Quite simply, One Monster After Another…

    Love that book.

  8. Anytime is a good time for dress-up.
    Too cute.

  9. They look so adorable!!! lol :)

  10. Sarah-I know! That thing is a weapon of mass destruction let me tell you. When I made that sucker years ago and filled it as dense as I did.....I obviously wasn't thinking of the poor children who would have to drag it behind them.

    Ginna-That's The Native's! It was scorching hot and there they were in these horrifically hot costumes.

    Misty-Not only can they spell it but they can spell it front and back AND define it. ;)

    Kristen-Yes, It is Monster's Inc. year round these parts. As for the has been a confusing year. Earlier today I was dying of heat, this evening with the storms coming in, I'm freezing. My brain can't keep up.

    Brian-HA! I know! Try and get them to rake the leaves at that time of year to help clean up the deal. Look outside and we catch them raking leaves to jump into.

    Missie-Welcome!!! So glad to have you aboard!

    Uncle Rush-And Another.....And Another.... The same author as "Where The Wild Things Are"? I haven't read that one yet. I'll have to check it out.

    Natalie-Unless you're the one doing all of the laundry. ;)

    Hanna-They are aren't they? Even if they are monsters.

  11. Anaise-My confusion or the monsters? :D

  12. I wanna be a monster too! Pwease can I?

  13. Devils aren't monsters Jody. ;) I don't think Genius would be happy if you changed.

  14. Yep, Mercer Mayer…love both of those books.


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