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Sunday, June 20, 2010

A high five to fathers!!

A high five to all the fathers out there today!

I am so blessed in that I was raised with an exemplary father. A man who I love very much. My father, The Native's grandpa. When I was little I can remember going to bed Saturday night filled with excitement at the thought of getting up super early before Dad got up for early church morning meetings and making him breakfast in bed. Sneaking around in the dark kitchen making him crepes and orange juice.

My gifts to him over the years were always much the same. Soap on a rope when I was younger to who knows what as I got older. All I know is he was very glad when I grew out of the soap on a rope stage.

I spent several years on the weekends riding the ski lifts with my dad as we were both ski instructors. I apprenticed under my dad for several years before becoming a full fledged instructor and taking students myself. I loved those years and the conversations we would have riding the lift.

Many hours were spent in my Dad's shop as he in my eyes was able to build and fix anything and everything. Riding to the dump on Saturday mornings as living in rural America.......garbage trucks didn't find their way to your curb.

Monthly one on one interviews with my Dad and Mom just "checkin' in" to see how I was doing....Dad driving me to early morning seminary morning after morning during the school year..... hours spent hauling and splitting wood together.....working side by side......

Many lessons learned at the knee of my father. Happy Father's Day Dad! To one of the greatest men that I know!

Another high five!

And Happy Father's Day SM. Another great man in my life! The father of our children...the daddy of our children..... The man who tirelessly gives to our family day after day and is the joy of our lives as he walks in the door each day after work. The father who sits with our children night after night until all hours helping them with their homework and listening to them tell him about their day. The daddy who is teaching his children to grow up to be persons of integrity and honor. I love you SM!

And last but not least, to my Father in Heaven. For blessing me with these great fathers in my life. A Father that I love very much and look forward to seeing and being with again someday along with all of my loved ones.


  1. Speaking of SM, my boys LOVEDLOVEDLOVED his lesson! I'm grateful for the influence he's made in such a short time. Now I've got to convince them to go to scout camp.

  2. What great influences you have! I enjoyed reading this tribute to them.

  3. Beautifully said. Beautifully lived. Amen to every word. Little girl - blessed be thou, and for good reason. The Lord, I am sure, trusts his best men to women who will cherish them.

  4. Love this post and all its sentiments. I also love K's comment and I heartily concur.

  5. Very well said my dear. Bless all the great fathers and am glad you are so grateful to still have yours here with you. Keep making those memories!

  6. Amen to all of that, Rachel. Your love for your father, husband, and your heavenly Father shines in all of your posts, as does their love for you. What blessings. Hope Fathers' Day was great for all.

  7. Lyndee, I'm so glad your boys LOVED LOVED LOVED the lesson. ;) He enjoyed giving it. He truly loves what he does and he sincerely loves 'his boys'. ;) I hope you're able to convince your boys. They won't be sorry they went.

    Chastina, I have been very blessed and I pray I don't take it for granted ever!

    Kristen, I do cherish them. And as I said to Chastina, I hope that I don't ever take them for granted. What a sorry day that would be.

    Natalie, I don't know the reason. Goodness knows I'm no more special than any other lady but I've been blessed, and I am grateful.

    Jody, When I wrote this my heart went out to you. You'll see him again Jody. Both your daddy and your Heavenly Father and you'll make up for lost time.

    Lori, I think we did a pretty good job of letting The SM know how much we love him. :D It's the least we could do for his showing us how much he loves us each and everyday. Just wish my dad lived closer so we could spoil him too!


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