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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Digging around the other day I found this snapshot of my baby girl. 

Sigh...... where does the time go?

Why is it time stands still when I am watching the clock but the second I look away........ time races forward and she goes from being a baby to the beginnings of a young lady?
I want my uterus back...........


  1. Kids grow up to fast! I wish they would slow down a little. Of course they want to hurry up and grow up (I did at that age).

  2. You can have mine honey, I don't need it. It's a waste of a perfectly good uterus!

  3. I was gonna offer up mine, but Jody beat me too it.

    Honestly, if I could be garaunteed to have a little doll with a head full of golden curls like your baby girl, I would have another too. She was so stinking adorable and still is!

  4. Chastina, I just want a time machine so that I can bounce around. Visit them when they are babies so I can sit and hold them, bounce back to when they are teenagers so I can have a conversation with my best friends, and then back again to when they are babies when I want to smack them upside the head! :D

    Jody, It is a waste! Someday, all will be made right and you and Ron will have a gaggle of kids and being the most swell parents. I know you will be. If not this lifetime, the next.

    Nat, Honestly! If I could guarantee to have a big brown eyed imp like yours!! So she is so adorable!!

  5. Please, don't get me wrong, I love my little brown-eyed imp and wouldn't trade her for anything on heaven or earth. I guess I was thinking along the lines of gender. Although if I were supposed to have another baby and it were to happen to turn out male, I would take what the good Lord gave me and love it just the same.

  6. I'll volunteer mine- it's of no use to me...

    Your daughter is beautiful!

  7. Nat, :D I aint gettin' ya wrong cuz I tried two more times after my blondie and got two little males that I wouldn't trade for the world....

    Natasha, Better keep it. Someday it will!!

  8. Tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat....

  9. She's beautiful . . . then and now.

  10. Jenni, Which is why we need more chocolate and tissues in the world!

    Anaise, She is. Even when she tried walking out the door today for school in a skirt, tennis shoes, with one hot pink tall sock and the other, a red and white striped anklet.... Nothing a pair of cute boots didn't fix. :D

  11. I know I commented on this, dang it. What did I do wrong?>>>>

  12. The little girl is the one permanently embedded in my memory.

    Good news, I think the curls are a dominant gene and I'm certain that someday you will have some darling little granddaughters.

  13. Kristen, Nothing! I've tried replying to comments on here lately that haven't been showing up. Blogger has some real issues I'm telling ya!

    Melissa, That is how your kids are! The last time I saw them. That is how I remember them.

    Thank goodness for certain dominant genes.

    Kathy, Sigh.......


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