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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What They Don't Know....

What is it?

Can you tell?


How about now? I feel like one of those cell phone commercials. Can you hear me now?

The SM got this contraption for Christmas.

Can I just say, homemade pasta is THEE best. I should know. I've made it twice now using The SM's pasta maker. So glad Santa could bring him one cuz I've sure been enjoying using it.

And the best part about it? The first time I used it I made spinach linguine. The Native's all looked at the noodles and said, "Oh gross! That's disgusting! Why is it green!" And then..... they ate helping after helping after helping of noodles without knowing they were eating SPINACH!

PRICELESS! (Evil cackle....)


  1. Wow! That looks fun. I bet the natives love helping you use it.

  2. that is soooo true. homemade pasta IS TOTALLY, the best!!! that's so cool that you got your own pasta maker!!

  3. Now that looks like great fun and I love the spinach trick :-)

  4. Ooooh. I've been wanting one of those! I'll have to remember to talk to Santa about that next year.

  5. Who knew that evility could have such great benefits and be so much fun?

  6. Yum! Perhaps I could come to dinner . . . someday.

  7. Ummmm - yummy, yummy - oh, la,la!!

  8. ooohhhh, I don't think I've ever had home made pasta like that. Spinach would definately be my fav! Cool gift!

  9. Nat, I believe the Mrs. had something to do with it. ;)

    Chastina, The first time Levi helped me. The second time, I did it while he was at school and he was so bummed. Lesson learned. Don't make pasta without Levi. He thinks it is his job.

    Hanna, But, would you eat spinach pasta?? :D

    Jenni, It worked quite well. Especially with The SM's alfredo sauce on top that was to die for.

    Sarah, Better talk to the Mrs. You might have more luck.

    Anony, Oh it is. I assure you. It is. You oughta try it on your peeps.

    Anaise, Someday...... would be lovely.

    Kristen, Healthy pasta!

    Jody, There are several I want to try. Chocolate pasta? You think there's such a thing? :D

  10. I dunno know but when you get it figured out, pack a few strips in a bag and mail it my way! I'll be an honest critic. Just be prepared to send multiple samples to ensure I do a good job of reviewing!

  11. Jody, I'll make it a top priority. ;)


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