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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Levi's world

Every year The SM's parents give The Native's a new ornament for Christmas. Last year, they gave The Native's these red frames to put their school photos in.

Levi placed them on the tree this year. He said they needed to go together, "cuz they're our family". So that is what he did. He put them all together on the same branch.

It reminds me of our house. We're all smashed in here, we're certainly not, "Good House Keeping" beautiful and put together to perfection, and there's so many of us we weigh the branch down......... but we're happy, blessed, and judging by how many Native's piled into the same bed last night, feet in each other's faces, can't tell who's arms and legs are who's after the New Year's Eve festivities..... we like it that way!

I love the messages The Native's teach me each year at Christmas time and all year long.


  1. I like the view from Levi's world; I think he's onto something.

  2. Usually it is the ones who live in the moment that see things the clearest :-) Happy New Year to you and all your brood and blessings for 2011 :-)

  3. This is priceless. What a great mother you are to let your children decorate the tree. I know that sounds weird like, "who doesn't", but there are many mothers who won't let their children even touch the tree! Dumb mums!

    I love that he put them all together. Isn't that where you all belong anyway?

  4. Amen - the arms and legs. Bless 'em. Bless 'em all.

  5. Natalie, I do too. I swear he 'see's' clearer than I do as an adult.

    Jenni, Thank you and you too! Blessings to you in 2011. Living in the moment. I've been trying to do better at that for the past few years. Levi helps me to remember to do so.

    Tami, Absolutely! That is what we thought. It makes perfect sense because that is how it should be right? All together. :) I know of those who don't let the kids decorate but when most of the ornaments are the kids and ones they or I have made.... well, I'm just not all that worried about the tree looking like a magazine photo. Which if you saw our tree, would be pretty obvious as most of the ornaments were in kids range which means the top of the tree was kinda bare. :D

    Kristen, I do have to laugh when I see them though and wonder how in the world they can sleep so entangled! Why do we have to grow old and things like that become uncomfortable?

  6. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing this. That Levi sure is something special. It would be an honor to meet him some day!

  7. What a great idea on Levi's part! I love the way the tree looks when the kids decorate it. You never know what surprises you will find.

  8. It's a good branch to be on...

  9. Jody, Someday. Someday hopefully soon.

    Chastina, Like dirty socks? Yeah.... found one of those on the tree this year....

    Anony, We're glad you're a part of it! :D

  10. At least, socks are better than underwear! We had 3 pair adorning our tree this year...

    Ok, they were new and yes, I put them there to embarrass the child who would not take them upstairs. It worked. ;)

  11. Nat, We think so much alike. :D


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