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Friday, January 7, 2011

Special Olympics. Here We Come!

The coaches. Two older brothers. Trying to show Levi how to bowl. Levi isn't allowed to use the bumper guards while competing. This is new for us.

First we tried the ramp. Levi isn't allowed any help with the ramp. He has to get it situated himself. Levi's brothers/coaches showed him where and how to place it.

It didn't go so well. Many gutter balls. We finally realized that Levi is pushing the ball down the ramp harder with one hand than the other.

The surprise of the day. Levi understood that a gutter ball was not something he wanted and each time the ball would go in the gutter he'd shrug his shoulders and tears would form in his eyes. Totally unexpected for me. Pulled at my heart strings. The Mommy in me said it wasn't worth it. Let's just go home.

Levi wanted to stay. He wanted to get those pins. I'm proud of him. Rocket Levi!

Switch tactics. Maybe showing Levi how to throw the ball down would be better. We tried that for awhile.

More shoulder shrugging and tears. More heart strings pulled and not feeling like it was worth it. Much frustration.

Back to trying the ramp. Just use fingers Levi. Don't push the ball with your hands. Just use your fingers and let it roll down the ramp.

Better success. Smiles and clapping.

Coaches are happy.

We think we've figured out how to help Levi feel like he is successful at bowling.

Next Friday! Here we come!!


  1. awwwww! that's so great that his bros. are helping out!! levi is such a cutie!!

  2. Yay! Hooray for a great athlete, fabulous coaches, and a terrific photographer!

  3. That post brought happy tears to my eyes. What great coaches! So glad Levi was able to knock some pins down!

  4. Rock on, Levi! Also, kudos to the coaches who helped him!

  5. Even when he gets a gutterball he's endearing.

    Hug those coaches for me.

  6. Hanna, They are pretty good guys. Handsome too aren't they? ;)

    Korrie, Terrific photographer NOT! :D But yes, hooray for Levi and his brothers. They were so patient with him, so kind, so encouraging. It was tender.

    Chastina, Believe me! I was thrilled he was able to knock some pins down too! The alternative was just too hard to watch.

    Anony, Wanna put your photog skills to work? :D

    Nat, That's just it! He's always endearing. Makes disciplining a bit hard.

  7. Oh, Levi. I can feel how you feel, because I feel it too, all the time. Either shoving with one hand harder than the other, or - or - or - anything. Ball in the gutter again. And it's no fun till there's even a glimmer of hope. Blessings on the heads of the coaches. And you are on a horse at this moment. M is gone again, and I am sinking into sleep. I've had it for a while. But I'm pulling for Levi.

  8. Oh, I was hoping for a happy ending! I'm so glad it ended up being worth it.

    I've helped out with special olympics in the past--I hope you all have a great time!!!

  9. With every picture, I felt myself cheering more and more and then feeling my nose tingle with tears! That shrugging shoulders picture is a heart-breaker.

    You are a great mom. He will do well.

  10. Kristen, Isn't that the truth? So like life. Pushing and pulling too hard with one hand. Gutter ball after gutter ball. But then. Success! We finally knock down some pins from time to time and so we keep going.

    Sleep and rest well. All is well.

    Anaise, It was a long three games I tell ya! I didn't think my heart could take too much more. I'm glad it ended well too. I'm hoping he remembers what we tried to teach him.

    Tami, Believe me! My nose was tingly sniffy there at the bowling alley! If you look close at the last picture you can see a little redness around the eyes and nose. He just kills me like no other!

    Thank you for your encouraging words. Somedays..... I feel worse than the goop on the bottom of my horse mucking boots when it comes to mother hood.

  11. Yeah! This is so incredible! I know he will do great!

  12. Thanks for such a cute comment on my blog. You are always so good at leaving comments. I'm not. But I read your blog faithfully- I want you to know that. I miss you guys a lot. And Levi is getting so big. I wish I could have helped his prepare for Special Olympics. It would have been a blast!

    Love ya!


  13. working in special olympics for 2 years was awesome and taught me a lot. and there was a little girl who was doing softball and struck out. they use the same rules, 3 strikes etc. It broke my heart. But when EVERYTHING clapped for her anyways and said "you'll get it next time girl" with lots of pats on the back and high five from her team mates she shook it off. Her next turn at bat we all said. you will do it this time...keep your eye on the ball and SWING. So all at the same time we yelled SWING and she did and she ran all 3 bases and scored!!! now the look on her face, that was joy. priceless. you have to remind them, you did it once, you can do it again! and they will tell their other team mates that as well. Its awesome to see them support each other. GO LEVI! I know you can do it! you rock!! wish I could be there. I did bowling every week, on wednesdays in idaho for two years. I miss that a lot. I even got proposed to by one of the bowlers :)

  14. Jen, Amen!

    Mae Mae, I wish you could be here too! Miss you tons and tons and Levi would have LOVED having his Mae Mae help him. I love you too!

    Alex, Sure could use your mad bowling skillz. ;) Since I'm helping him on Friday and know nothing other than hurl that ball down the lane....... kind of a disadvantage for the poor guy. :D Miss you tons as well.

    Why do all of you have to move away??????

  15. u just have to find what works for him! 3 kids I worked just chucked it so long as he went straight there was no skill other then that necessary because he would hit pins every time. Another kid would set the ball on the ground in the middle of the lame and give it a light push, believe it or not, it will make it to the end...and again, always hits pins if it is pushed relatively straight. another good tip is if they are right handed so have in the will get a gutter ball every time. they need to be more to the left to make up the difference because most dont know how to throw it in front of them they just through it to the side. also...try all different weighed balls. those that throw lighter seems to use lighter balls, those that really chuck it down the lane usually need heavier balls. is the ball that really matters. Was any of this what you were looking for? helpful? makes sense? questions?

  16. dont have them in the middle (correction from above comment)

  17. dumb. levi is probably going to use the setter. Lots of the special needs I worked with used that and they had to set it up themselves as well. its hard because it has to be pretty straight and you are right...just fingers. or very lightly. I also noticed some would bend down to be eye level with the ball and the setter and just roll it twice on the place where it is flat and the slope down does the rest! I would find his best "hot spot" is what we called it. Is it illegal to put a piece of tape down where he could set it up in the same spot every time? or you could remember his "hot spot" then when we gets up yell "a little to the right, now left, ok stop!! He is going to have a blast! and when he sees the other kids doing it, it will just be about fun! crossing my fingers!!

  18. Thanks Alex!!! This is all really good. I wonder if they'd let me put a piece of tape down... that is a good suggestion. We'll see. I know I'm not even allowed down on the floor with him! So trying to 'help' him from far away... he doesn't get it when I say move it this way or that way. He usually moves it in the opposite direction and to the extreme. :D We'll see. It'll be fun. I hope!!

  19. I am a good aren't I (wink)

    -Colin Rubow

  20. Colin, Yes, you are a good Wink wink!

  21. (")(',,,')(") RAWRJanuary 11, 2011 at 4:13 PM

    and good looking

  22. oh darn. i read the last chapter before going to the first chapter....well. it is just as well. i would have had an ulcer just worrying about it while i tried to read all these posts....i am glad i know. one of those rare moments of knowing.

    happy happy! you are so good to know.


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