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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Movie Making...

This is what happens when one sits in bed all day whilst The Native's are away at school and one has picked all of the fuzz out between their toes and can't figure out what to do next.  (Remember, no fuzz in belly buttons that used to be a cute little tiny inny which is now a stretchy.  Fuzz doesn't reside in stretchy or fuzz picking out of belly button would have been next.  Don't make me have to remind you again.)

Ahem.  Moving on.

Mr. C, the photographer took so many photos of Levi bowling and some of them so quickly that if you put them together really fast they are kind of like those old fashioned Mickey Mouse drawing movies that Walt Disney used to do.  Sort of.  Use your imagination folks!  After watching this delightful little movie I just made putting together a bunch of photos you can only imagine where my movie making skills can go from here.

Are you ready? 

And for your after movie entertainment a quip from Mr. J who is sitting next to me in bed:

Mr. J:  (Covering his mouth with both hands) Oops!  My burp poofed.

Me:  Your burp poofed?  What do you mean?

Mr. J:  My burp poofed out my bum

Popcorn anyone?


  1. It's a flipping FLiP book. I used to make those - you pile a bunch of paper rectangles all even and nice, staple the far end, draw little pictures on the other end, then flip the pages. How COOL IS THAT?? YAY for the whole production team. And after that Mr. J bit, I will not be asking for popcorn, thank you very much.

  2. Love the flip book, action shot movie! It's a lot easier than drawing the flip book.

  3. LOL sounds like our house!! No bed is sacred :-) Thanks for the lovely comment on my post....some of my friends think I am way too restrictive with my boys but in my eyes You only get one chance, your comment reaffirmed that! Great Movie too :-) Only 4 more days and summer vacation is over!!!!

  4. Burf pooting bums?

    Sounds almost like another language...

  5. Sounds like you need someone to make a trip to the library for you! :)

    Cool movie--I'll bet Levi loves it!

    And we were just discussing bodily eruptions last night . . . one child was wondering if gas that was about to come out of one end could be changed to come out the other end . . . yuck . . . it just doesn't bear thinking about any more!

  6. I'll pass on the popcorn, thank you very much...

    And in the movie credits you forgot, The Amazing Mum, Rachel!

  7. Brian, Thank you! I'm sure you could have done a better job but since I opted to try and figure it out myself.... it kinda worked!

    Kristen, Murphy's Christmas ornament! :D The flip stories.

    Chastina, I agree. Especially since I can't draw!

    Jenni, That's just it! We only get once chance and it goes so quick! The world would have us make our kids grow up so fast. I don't think or want to! They are children for such a short time.... there is nothing wrong with letting them BE children! The world yanks the rug out from under us fast enough.

    Anony, It is. It's a Native language.

    Anaise, I loved Gerb's blog post about book recommendations. I have a bunch off of that list I want to read now. Several of which you posted!!

    Yes, I agree...... the thought of switching bodily functions directions of exit isn't something I want to think about either.... but trust kids to come up with that! LOL!

    Nat, So funny. Okay, maybe not funny to others but you typed "Amazing Mum" and my mind immedietly was transported waaaay back to when I was a little girl and I had a book called, "The Amazing Mumford". A Sesame Street book that I just loved!! I haven't thought of that book in years...... which has nothing to do with your lovely comment and thank you, it is just funny to me how odd things will transport us so quickly to things we'd not thought of and thought forgotten...

  8. Good Movie...what software do you do it in? I've not graduated to such technology yet. Still don't have the webcam either.

  9. Jody, LOVE the web cam. Especially with how much Brian travels and with my parents being so far away. I used microsoft movie maker. It is down loadable for free.

  10. Oh. My. Dirk started reading something serious to me as I got to the bottom of your post, and since I can't give him my undivided attention, I kept reading the blog and now I'm trying not to explode as I want to fall off my chair laughing. Oh my. I think I'm going to choke.

  11. Kathy, It was hilarious! And he said it in this giggly voice that about made me fall off my bed!


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