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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Diet. Really??

The other day I took Levi to the doctor's for a check up. In order to participate in the Special Olympics the athlete's have to have a doctor's okay.

One of the first things that is done is height and weight. Levi weighed in at a woppin' 95 pounds.

I knew he was a big kid. Shoot! I've been buying him size 14 pants and cutting off about a foot off of the bottoms and hemming them for him. I know he's a little chunky. Chunky is good when it is icecream. Not so good when it is on your body.

The doctor said that Levi will probably always be big. He's got really broad shoulders, he's thick, he's solid. But..... AaaaaaaAAAARGH! The "D" word.....

I have boys. Lots of boys. Teenage boys. They like to eat! They have no problem burning off what they eat. I've never limited The Native's food intake. I know. My bad.

Honestly, I like to eat! I work out so I can eat what I want! Not working anymore since my hysterectomy but I'm working on that okay? Mr. C told me yesterday. Hey Mom! Did you know some people get their fat sucked out of them with a thing like a vacuume? Was he making a suggestion?

I asked the doctor what he suggested short of locking down our house even more than it already is! Because of Levi..... and keeping him safe.... Did this mean I had to put locks on the pantry, food storage, and fridge???

Of course not! He says. You don't need to go that extreme. You just need to change the way all of you eat and get rid of all of the unhealthy stuff in the house so that when Levi snacks and grazes it is on healthy stuff!

WHAT????? Not THAT extreme?? Are you kidding me? Us? Change our diets?

I'm the Mom. I need to set an example. Last night I searched my cookbooks and came up with a really healthy soup. It had lentils in it. We were scared. We were shocked. It didn't taste too bad. This morning, I am getting rid of all of the unhealthy food in the kitchen.

So far, I've eaten about two cups of left over chocolate chip cookie dough and some bagels and cream cheese. And that was all before lunch!

I'll do anything for Levi.........


  1. cool!!!! CAN I HELP!?!

  2. Yeah, I didn't see it coming till about three seconds before I actually read it. You are Baaad, woman. baaaaad.

  3. You are such a good mother. Haha, send some my way! Actually don't...cause I need a diet too!

  4. I know I need to encourage my kids to eat healthier. It's just to easy to eat unhealthy. Glad you're "helping" get rid of the unhealthy food. ;)

  5. I think eating healthy is something we can ALL improve on. But Rachel YOU look amazing and deserve to eat ANYTHING you want to!!!

  6. Listen to Julie....she knows what she's talking about. So you just go ahead and clean out ALL of those cupboards 'cause you gotta do what you've gotta do for the health of the children.

  7. Look at what an awesome mom you are, sacrificing like that. You're an inspiration, Rachel!

  8. I want my kids to be healthy, too. So I just hide everything that's bad for them on the top shelf of the pantry. And eat it in the laundry room when they're not looking.

  9. just hide it in the laundry don't want to be in there anyways

  10. MMMM Lentils..did you use the recipe I sent you back some time ago? I'm not sure if the kids are soda drinkers but I've heard that if you eliminate just soda alone from one's diet you loose alot in the first 2 weeks IF you were a regular soda drinker. I've not had a soda in a decade. Then cut things like sweets and redce breads.....maybe you can phase out some stuff. OOOOF, good luck. I'm managing the same demons here at my place.

  11. "get rid of all the healthy stuff in the house" ????? ROTFL yeah. right.

    I think you should just make Levi your workout buddy.

    I love lentil soup. Can I have the recipe?I'm tired of making chili.

  12. Colin, I'm sorry but this is something that I as the mother must do on my own.

    Tami, I am aren't I? :D

    Kristen, To the bone!

    Natasha, Such self control saying don't. I need some of that.

    Chastina, I just plain like crappy for me food! I don't WANT to eat healthy..... healthy tastes nasty..

    Julie, YOU are kind because I SO do not look good right now nor can I eat what ever I want.... the trunk is full of junk!

    Natalie, Wanna help me? :D

    Gerb, Sigh..... I try so hard ya know? I do try...... ;)

    Korrie, Yeah. Levi keeps finding my stash. He has a knack for finding me out...

    Marseille, I do! And he finds it!

    Jody, I wish soda was the answer. We don't drink soda or juice. Oh that it were that easy... No, I tried a different recipe. I'm a louse! I forgot you sent me one. I'm going to have to go and find it. DOH!

    Kathy, I know. Ridiculous isn't it... Silly to even mention it.

  13. I've got to drop about 10 lbs, too...we can all do this together!

  14. Anony, You'll drop ten and I'll drop a 1/4 of a pound..... why oh why is it not kosher to be fat!


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