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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Calling The Kettle Black. Again....

I realize this photo of Mr. J last summer, asleep in the backyard, with his butterfly net has absolutely nothing to do with what I am writing about but it gives me hope that even though it is grey, dark, and cold outside....... warmer green days are just around the corner.  Actually, now that I think about it, this photo goes quite well with what I am going to write about! 

It's cold, rain mixed with snow, dark outside, and I've got to take Mr. B to school.  I'd rather snuggle down in my nice warm bed but Mr. B being late for school isn't an option so I roll out of bed. 

Sitting in the truck waiting for Mr. B as the truck heats up I listen to the local news on the radio.  I-15 is once again stop and go.  Accidents because people can't seem to realize that slushy road conditions means slow down.  It's January.  Not the first snow storm of the year.  People should be getting it by now...

As I drive Brennan to school I am slow and cautious.  I am of the opinion that the less I use my breaks, the better.  This means the second I see a light turn yellow, my foot comes off the gas as I coast for awhile.  Usually, by the time I get to the light, it is now green, and traffic is moving.  I point this out to Mr. B.  who is still a new driver.  I show him places on the road to avoid.  Obvious places.  Big puddles of water.  Large areas of slush.  Just take it slow and you'll be all right I tell him.  No rush or hurry.  It's not worth it.

As we come to some side roads that are less traveled I see that they are covered in slush.  Going slow and cautious, I come to a stop sign and rather than wait to the last second to slam on my breaks, I coast into it.  I stop.  I look both ways, and as I am slowly pulling into the turn, the car behind me starts honking.  I'm not going fast enough to their liking.  I tell Mr. B, there will always be someone who wants to go faster.  Don't let them frustrate you or make you go faster because they are behind you being obnoxious.  I pull the truck over and let the person pass.  They gun their car as they fly past me.  I shake my head.  So not worth it.....  remembering the car accident our family was in earlier last year.  So not worth it....

As we pull up to a stoplight right before the University there sits the car that had been so impatient, two cars ahead of us.  I tell Mr. B, it amazes me how some people will risk so much to get nowhere.  Wooooow!  They got all of two cars ahead of us! 

After I dropped Mr. B off at school and on my way home I started to think about what had happened and how often in my many years of driving I've witnessed this.  Driver's who risk so much to get nowhere fast. 

I thought to myself that I would post some sarcastic status on Face book about this very thing and tell people to slow down.  Then it hit me.  Am I so blind?  Who am I to sit all snarky, looking down my nose when I am doing this very thing and have been for years.  How many years?  How many years have I been fighting WNV?  How many years have I pushed myself only ending up back on the couch?   Risking so much to get no where fast?

Going to the gym for the last two weeks jumping back into work outs as if I had no reason to pace myself....?  And here I have been, in bed since Sunday afternoon........ getting nowhere fast. 

Seems like before I go and tell others they need to slow down, I need to once again, remind myself of the important things around me, like having the energy to take care of The Native's and The SM and slow down myself. 


  1. What a great reminder. It's interesting how often I feel like I have to hurry just to find out I have to wait once I get to my destination. The journey is the best part of this trip, right? Although the destination can be a lot of fun too. (Depending on the destination of course)

  2. oh rachel. life is so chuck full of lessons. and you are so so wonderful to share them. i am so glad you blog.

  3. Dear HEAVEN - can this actually be the light breaking? Finally? Excuse me while I do a little dance here - just a little one. Of gratitude. Like for rain after a dry spell. I am not snarking here, I am - I am - HURRAY!!!! Now - are you going to listen to yourself?

    Very well written, by the way.

  4. Hey new follower here.

    I can't wait to read more.

    Cathy @ Country Cathy

  5. Hmmmm I have had the same Aah Haa moment this holidays as well. Shingles certainly stops you in your tracks. Maybe we had better start listening :-)

  6. Oh you are so right. I never connected the two together quite like that though. It is hard not to slow down when we're half way decent because sometimes having that normalicy is what we need to combat the down days honey! If we did not have some of that normalicy then I think out mental state would be much worse off. Just pace yourself. I always have Dory's "just keep swimming" song in my mind most days (from my fav movie Nemo). I have to remember not to "just keep running" because the minute I start to feel even a wee bit better, I lunge from the bed and RUN. Big mistake as you well know. Hugs!

  7. That's the story of my life--finding fault where I am guilty too.

    May your slowing down bring you joy!

  8. Chastina, Normally. But when you are car sick... it makes for a really long miserable trip. :D

    Misty, I am more than happy to point out my faults so others can learn. :) Always willing.

    Kristen, No. Probably not. Because I'm just a kid/teenager on this road to life experience and every once in awhile..... a straight stretch of road will come and I'll wanna put the pedal to the metal. It is hard sitting at a stoplight as you watch countless cars day in/day out pass you by....

    Cathy, Welcome! I mean that! Welcome and please come and comment often.

    Jenni, I can NOT believe you've got shingles. That still just blows my mind. Of all the dang horrid things! And during the holidays of all times. Not that anytime is fabulous..... being sick just plain. STINKS! And if I hear one more person tell me they wish somebody would order them to bed for a few days...... I just may put them there myself!

    I do hope you get feeling better real soon. Your horse awaits! :D

    Jody, How right you are. I feel like somehow in my mechanism some pieces were lost or not installed. I have a switch that is on/off or run/stop. I don't seem to have much in between.... not that I admit of anyway. ;)

    Anaise, Me too! I am the worst! And I can't stand that in other people so that makes me what? A hypocrite of a hypocrite? :D Much to work on, I do!

  9. I love lightbulb moments- especially this one.

    Rest up and get out of that bed soon. Oh & if you need anything to help you slow down, you know where you can find me.

  10. I knew it! I knew it before I even finished reading. K was going to jump all over this one. And she did, except she danced instead of jumped.

    One question. Why are we both driving that direction at that time of the day? And now Shisha, too, two days a week.

  11. Nat, I love it when the light bulb moment doesn't involve me being humble. :D

    Kathy, LOL! Predictably so. And she'll dance again and again each time I admit that I need to slow down because I can't seem to learn from my ah ha moments.

    Normally The SM drops Mr. B off on his way to work. Believe me, one of those mornings we were two cars behind you and Shisha and I was like, STOOOOOP! Take Breeeeennaaaann! :D And then we proceeded to follow you all the way over to campus. Guess I could have used my cell phone..... had the thought crossed my mind. Not much thinking goes on at that hour in the morning. :D


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