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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is It Really That Difficult??

The SM went to Austria for a week.

We love it when The SM goes to Europe.

Why can't the US figure out how to make good chocolate..........?  Repeat after me.  "Chocolate should not taste like wax"!  Thank you. 

And thank you to The SM for once again feeding my addiction.  I love that my husband is an enabler. 


  1. I love that the Nutella jar is bigger than their heads.

    My hubby goes to PA...I need to find out why he's not bringing me any Hershey's!

  2. Oh my goodness. that is a lot of chocolate!!! i totally love the gigantic nutella jar!!! enjoy!!!!

  3. HOLY NUTELLA!! Why don't they sell those here?? And why am I not better friends with the SM? Because I'm thinking I need me some of that good chocolate sometime. Does he bring an extra suitcase or what?!

    That's a good man you've got there.

  4. It must be nice to have addictions filled...


  5. That is a wonderful load of chocolate! My problem would be enjoying it over time. I would have it gone in a hurry. That is the reason I try to buy sweets in small amounts.

  6. Hey!! I thought I was fam!!! Where's MY gigantic Costco-sized Nutella? And forget the Nutella - what about my brick sized dark choc bar, huh? Leaving tomorrow. Wish us luck.

  7. That Nutella jar is amazing!

    If your sweetheart has to be away, at least he brings home good presents!

  8. LOL! :D ~ Can I become friends with the SM? :D I could really use one of those nutella's! ;D

  9. PS. "Chocolate should not taste like wax!!!" I whole heartedly agree!

  10. Natlaie, Hershey's? Seriously? Honey, did you not read my post? WAX! I said GOOD chocolate. :D

    Hanna, We totally love the gigantic jar of Nutella! When we finish it, we are going to embalm it and keep it forever. Like King Tut!

    Gerb, That is what I want to know! Why does Costco or Sam's not sell these honkin' things! That's food storage right there!

    Yes, he does take an extra suitcase. Just for bringing back this wholesome goodness.

    Anony, What addiction? Who's addiction? Mine? I have an addiction? Naw! I could totally quit anytime I want........

    Chastina, Which would be why all of those chocolate bars you see in the photo are all missing. Gone! Snarfed! Inhaled!

    Kristen, You are family and it is because you are family and we love you so much that we are helping you by not enabling your addiction.... It's called tough love and believe me. It has been really tough on me eating all of this. Really tough. But, it's all about love. I love you enough that I will continue..... pray for me.

    Safe travels!!! Kiss those babies for me.

    Anaise, That is exactly how I feel. And apparently how Mr. M feels because the first thing he did when The SM got home was run out to him as he was getting out of the car and ask, "Did you get any Nutella???" When The SM told him yes, he then ran up and gave him a hug. I think Mr. M would have made him get back on that plane and told him not to come home until he'd stocked up on Nutella.

    Jody, Yeah. It don't look so holy when it is sitting on my hips... :D

    Corine, We should cut a deal. Trade Nutella for some water time.

    P.S. Amen!

  11. I think I might be in love with your enabler. Could he talk to mine and get him to switch products?

  12. Sarah, To Parm boy, I'm sure one drug starts to look like another...... :D

  13. I know, I know, but it is better than the Philippine chocolate he brought home once and you gotta take what you can get!
    Maybe I'll just take him being home!

  14. The Kid With the ScarfJanuary 27, 2011 at 11:55 AM

    it's very buitifull that is...sighhhhhh, i could look at it all day while eating one the jars at the same time

  15. wow is that real? and it wont go bad. wow. that is all I have to say. that is a lot of chocolate and would save me a lot of trip to the store just by getting one HUGE container. wow. come on USA!! get with the picture here!

  16. Nat, True. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

    Mr. C., I love that your beholden eye sees beauty like mine.

    Alex, Very real! Very real non spoiling food storage that should last all of a month if we use it sparingly. :D Yeah. The US needs to get it's priorities straight!

  17. H2o time... if you're ever in the area... better look me up! (And please, REMEMBER THE NUTELLA!) ;D


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