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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Magic Beans. Did Jack Take Them All?

Yesterday I had to take the little man, Mr. J to the doctor. He is not getting better and night after night of him writhing in pain and crying, only to continue it through out the day is obvious that something is wrong. Not just, it's a flu bug and it will pass eventually. One of our worries is that there might be a problem with his appendix.

Off to the doctor's we went. As we were sitting in one of the exam rooms, Mr. J pointed at a big poster on the back of the door. It was a cartoon character of, "Jack and the Beanstalk". He asked me about it and I realized much to my shock that I'd not read that to Mr. J.

How is it possible for a child to go through life not knowing who Jack and the Beanstalk is!

Tests and x-rays taken, we came home. Miss K said she'd read the story to Mr. J as one of her chores is reading out loud to Mr. J everyday for at least twenty minutes.

During a rare moment of Mr. J having some reprieve from pain, he snuggled up next to his sister while she read him, "Jack and the Beanstalk".

I've no idea what happened to our copy! In all of the gazillion books we have in this house, we somehow can't find ours. Thank goodness for modern technology and the Internet! We found one online and Miss K read it to Mr. J which then lead to "The Gingerbread Boy" and onto who knows how many other stories Miss K found that she felt she had to read to him.

The doctor says it doesn't look like the problem is his appendix. There does appear to be a blockage in the bowel so today we are working on trying to get things moving.  It's a slow process.  I wish it were like in fairy tales and some old person stopped me on the street and handed me some magic beans....


  1. Glad to hear you at least have an idea of what is wrong and what you can do to begin to fix it. Also hurray for sister to help distract Mr. J.

  2. Awww.... :D Sweet!

    I'm glad it isn't his appendix. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks with one of my kiddo's whose appendix ruptured; and it wasn't fun! Warning to you though, it was constipation which led to it (from the natural flora/friendly bacteria in his intestines being low after weeks of antibiotics). I have it all figured out between my nutrition education and talking to the surgeon and Doctors.. yes I'm a genious! ;O)

    Seriously though, get those intestines clean! Acidophilus may be a good idea, along with a low sugar and low dairy diet (which can both really cause constipation).

    Substiting some of his milk and cheese with yogurt (good brands like Dannon or Greek... which arelow sugar high probiotics) will help a TON. And of course, give him lots of fruits, vegetables and water.

    Good luck! :D

  3. that is an incredibly moving picture rachel.

    i hope he can get better very very soon.



  4. we have a jack in the beanstock book?

  5. Oh that picture of the baby girl and Mr. J is priceless! When I first stumbled upon it I could not believe how GROWN UP the little Miss looked! Wowzers! Good luck with getting things moving along. I agree with the probiotics. I know magnesium helps too. If you did not want to supplement, go with magnesium-rich foods. May god bless your little boy and make things right.

  6. Naw. The beans would just make things worse. What he needs is - GENTLE LAX. I am SO familiar with that stuff, what with our recent cancer screenings and all. I drank 64 oz of Gatorade with an entire bottle of the stuff mixed in (14 doses - DO NOT, it says on the bottle, take more than one dose a day unless you consult your doctor first. Never even met the doctor till I went in the next day with guy - but I figured the nurse knew what he was talking about - and it did the trick).

    That's a terrible kind of pain to be in - the kind that cuts through the middle of you like a knife. Hope things are going tonight =

  7. I can't get over that picture. Wow! I agree, very moving. I've got tears n my eyes. So beautiful.

    Also, not many people know this about me but...I do a one woman musical of Jack and the Beanstalk! It's only about three minutes long. Awesome! I learned it as a little girl. I had it on a record when I was growing up and memorized every word and nuance. I'll do it for you someday.

    Stop laughing.

  8. Chastina, It is a huge horray as his constant crying is exhausting me!

    Corine, Thank you for the tips. So do not run the route you ended up on. Even more incentive to get this taken care of.

    Misty, He seems a bit better today. Hopefully things will continue to move along! :D

    Colin, Somewhere! Why don't you find it for me.

    Jody, She is growing up. Hard as I try to get her to stop, she doesn't listen. Thank you also for the help. Magnesium. Got it!

    Kristen, LOL! Yes, you would know about all systems ago! That is what we're hoping for. A good old fashioned FLUSH!

    Tami, Totally not laughing. Promise! Okay, maybe giggling and smiling but not laughing!! You've got to show me now. I won't let you forget! Can I video it? :D

  9. This picture and story speaks a million words.


    Just thanks.

  10. Dear Rachel,
    I do hope your little one is better soon:)

  11. Poor Mr J, I hope that things get moving for him and that he feels a lot better very soon. Good for Miss K though - what a great sister. That's such a precious photo of them both together. There are cultures that believe in the healing powers of stories - I hope that Jack and the beanstalk does the trick for your little man.

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  13. (So sad--terrible typos in the last comment I tried to leave.)

    That picture is to die for.

    I hope your boy feels better.

    And we remembered Jack and the Beanstalk, but we forgot to teach one of our girls to tie her shoes! She outgrew her last pair, and I handed her a larger pair and she said, "Okay, but I can't tie them!"

    She's 8!


    We fixed that problem in a hurry. :)

  14. Anony, LOL! I should put up a photo of the black circles under my bleary eyes. THAT would speak volumes.

    Linda, Thank you. He had a bit of a better night last night. Hopefully he'll be back to rights in a day or so.

    Julie, My mom used to read to me for hours when I was sick and I loved it. I don't know if it healed me but I think it did my spirit because I still remember those times and look back on them fondly.

    Anaise, :) When we have so many little ones there are bound to be things like this right? With velcro back and so popular I know several of The Native's have been late learning to tie their shoes.

  15. Christopher had his appendix out when he was 2 & 1/2. He was throwing up & not putting any weight on his right foot. Xrays didn't show anything, he had to have a CAT scan. and he let them push on the appendix area which made them think it wasn't his appendix, but it definately was. He has a very high pain tolerance. no pain meds when we left the hospital. hopefully everything passes through fast.

  16. oh, and i'm glad 'zipper shoes' are the thing now because the velcro shoes get too much crud in them and then they don't work!

  17. Marseille, I've heard that now from several people! They were told it wasn't when in fact it was! We're hoping it isn't with Jadon...... Why in the world do we have appendix anyway... ?

    You're right about the velcro. Nasty stuff when it no longer works. Especially when it comes to shoes flopping off.


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