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Monday, January 24, 2011

January and Geometry

January has to be my least favorite month.  It is usually brown, grey, cold, and long.  This year it has been white, frozen, grey, and long.  But, in order to get to spring we all have to go through January which is reassuring to me when that applies to life.  Sometimes, life can be like January.  Knowing that it won't last forever and spring is around the corner makes it bearable.

About a week ago, it was especially grey and cold outside.  Depressing if you ask me.  I was reading up on some of the blogs I love to visit and this post came up in Linda's Natural Suburbia.   After watching the video I knew Mr. C would be absolutely thrilled to try it beings as he's doing Geometry and all.  Okay, absolutely thrilled might be pushing it a bit but it was a change!

 I told Mr. C to get some paper, his protractor, and colored pencils and then proceeded to show him why I was so lousy in Geometry and art class. 

Mr. C then proceeded to show me how smart he is when he got out his ruler and found the exact dead center of his paper and then began to show me, the teacher up.  The punk!

The center of this one looks like a sand dollar to me.

We all have January's in our lives.  I hope we can all find some color to put into our January's as we move towards spring.

I'm off to take my youngest to the doctor.  Almost a week of intense tummy pain keeping him up day and night (AKA:  and The Mum too) has us puzzled as to what is wrong.  Hoping what ever it is would take care of itself.  Don't you just hate taking your child to the doctor where they perform all sorts of tests that cost up the nose and they still have no idea what is wrong!?  Yeah.  Me too. 

Have a great week!!


  1. Okay. Gonna call. Got to know what's going on. Mr. C's work = lovely. But I would expect no less from him.What a great exercise - wish I'd had that at my fingertips twenty years ago.

    I know that about January, too. But I forget sometimes, at the darkest. We still have the lights on the tree in the corner. That only supports your metaphor.

  2. It is kinda fun to do that stuff....if you have nothing else to do and someone does it with you.
    (Trevor i hope your reading this cause all you ever do lately is complain about what you want to do but can't and what you don't want to do.)

  3. At least, you weren't born in this wretched month!

    I love the colors and shapes and against brown bark. It gives hope that the crocus and tulips will poke their heads through soon enough.

    Hope little J gets some answers...

  4. It helps to have those bright colors to brighten up the January grays.

    What a fun way to brighten up your home!

  5. Oh these made me inspired to color! I love to color but only let that part of my inner child out when little ones are around. Those are pretty!

    Ironic in ways, but me and some friends these past few weeks have commented on how depressing it is this time of year. I really need to get out of this state! Heck, they even just raised the revenue tax by like a gazzioion percent! Okay so it was only like 60%, but that is a gazzilion percent to me! LOL
    Prayers to the little man. I do hate the whole process of hurry up and test...then wait...then test...then wait...then test...then wait. Thousands of dollars later they are usually not much smarter then when they started. I hope they figure it out. It is kinda unsetteling when after a week something does not resolve. Good luck my friend and know I'm praying for all good stuff!

  6. I have a lovely hat that brings color to my January.

  7. Those are all so awesome!! I'm gonna have to try that sometime!

  8. Kristen, I think it should be written somewhere that outside Christmas lights should be left on through January. Not all of the lit up pukeage on the lawns, just the lights. Marci had hers up for awhile and I loved it!

    Colin, I had fun doing that with you. We need to find more stuff like this to do.

    Nat, Actually, a reason to celebrate in this wretched month would make it better! So, I'm glad you were born in January! :D

    Chastina, Exactly. That was my thought. It is dreary and grey outside, we need some COLOR!

    Jody, They DID raise your taxes a gazillion percent. I couldn't believe that when I saw that on the news. I immedietly thought of you!

    Yes, the whole waiting for answers.... we know the drill don't we?

    I love to color too. Funny that we think we have to do it with children and can't just sit and color as adults.

    Kathy, :D Yes, you do! And it made me smile the other day when I passed you out on the road and saw you wearing it.

    Hanna, Come over and do some with Colin. He did say, it is funner with people to do it with! :) I bet if you came over we might even get Mr. T to sit down and try it.... maybe......

  9. Don't you just love it when they "show you up?" ;D

    Nicely written; I enjoyed that! :D Thanks!

  10. Hanna: I dought it all, all Trevkinds does these days is sleep and read....with ocasional "Hang out" but only if micheal or Brennen or someone "cool" is over.
    (apparently im not on the cool list)

  11. oh woops sorry hat whould be mom im talking that to srry.

  12. AUGH that not hat my bad AGAIN,
    (makes me wish for a spell check on this comment post thing)

  13. How wonderful! Wow! Lovely geometric drawings:)

  14. Linda, Thank you for your post. It was a fun thing to do with my son!


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