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Friday, February 26, 2010

How To Be A Good President!

My baby girl's best friend had an assignment for school. She was to write a paper on, "How to be a good president". She is nine and full of great wisdom. And could quite possibly be.......our future president.......there's a possibility it could happen!

Step 1. Make good laws, not bad ones like: "After you chew gum, spit it on the floor and leave it there."

Step 2. Listen to your peoples complaints, except a dumb one like: "My wife keeps folding my clothes and putting the i my drawers!"

Step 3. Give touching and wonderful speeches.

Step 4. Never scare people, even on Halloween, cause if you do, and you're dressed as a robber...the person might think you're a real robber and call the cops and get you arrested. Then when you show them that you're the president, they will keep you in jail and find a new president.

Step 5. The last step is to never ever claim that you're just a regular person because then people will start to freak out and think that their president has gone missing or someone president-naped him.

P.S. Some of these ideas are dumb but there's a possibility they could happen.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Parable of the Unfinished Sock

Diddle, diddle dumpling
my son John.
He went to bed with his socks on.
One shoe off and one shoe on.
Diddle, diddle dumpling
my son John!

I'm learning to knit socks. I have one sock done and another that is close to being finished but....I ran out of yarn.....and the yarn shop doesn't have anymore because the colorway I chose is unbeknown to me, discontinued. Sad story. One finished sock and one unfinished sock. The End.


Oh come on! You know me better than that! It's not The End. Telephones and internet are a beautiful thing. You get on them and with the help of your local yarn shop you find a store that just happens to have a little bit of the yarn you're using left. Phew! The other sock, there is hope. Well, sort of and kind of. You see, I'm following the exact same pattern as the first and I'm thinking I'm knitting the second one just like the first only, it's not turning out like the first and there are holes where there shouldn't be holes and major flaws. So, I have declared it to be thus! Socks should have holes in them. I think I'll petition the government to make another holiday. February.....what IS today? Anyway, what ever today is, once a year we will celebrate Holey Sock Day!

I was thinking about my unfortunate pair of socks that really isn't a pair right now and I couldn't help but compare them to my life right now. When any young married couple starts out I don't think anyone dreams that when you're saying through sickness and health, bad times and good times, ya da ya da ya da that those bad times will ever come. Oh yeah! The flu. You bet. I've got your back but the really tough stuff. The stuff that lasts for years and hangs on......It'll never happen to me/us right?

I know The SM hates it when I get on here and blather about him but while looking at my socks I thought, "Hey! These are us!" One sock is working and the other....well. It's not quite functional yet. I mean it sort of is. You could put it on but your toes would hang out of the unfinished end. Rather useless though really and should be thrown away or yanked out and redone!

That's how it feels. When weekends and weeks pass like this past and I see The SM working himself to the bone taking care of all of us and I lay in bed for hours or on the couch I can't help but think to myself, "Why am I still here? There have been several times in the last few years where I was pretty darn close to the brink but here I still am. It sure would be a lot easier on this family and The SM if I would just be done with it. That way he could remarry and have a little help around the place........." Just being honest. That is how I feel sometimes.

This is where I embarrass The SM. Most men would have left by now. I'm sorry but it's true! And yet day after day he takes care of us all without one word of complaint and whips my hind end into shape when I start thinking the above thoughts.

So, looking at my mismatched pair of socks I think, "Okay Rachel. You've got two choices. You can quit and throw the pair away, OR you can wait for the rest of the yarn, finish the other sock, and patch up the holes."

We're all a bunch of flawed unfinished socks if you think about it. Some of us more unfinished and flawed than others....thank goodness we know we can be finished and patched up someday! And in the meantime, thank goodness I have a sock that matches mine that someday will make a perfect unflawed pair!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Calvin! Just get in the dang tub!

Click on the comic strip so you can read what I am dealing with today......

I've 'bout had it with Calvin and all of his shenanigans. I'm 'bout ready to dump him in head first so I don't have to listen to all of his excuses as to why he doesn't take a bath!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Total Randomness

First of all, I would like to thank so many of you who offered me the use of your credit cards yesterday. I almost took all of you up on it. I figured if I spent fifty dollars on one......fifty dollars on another....and so forth, none of you would even notice! The SM put a stop to all of my plans by giving me one of his credit cards he uses when he travels. I should be grateful because now Levi's diapers are well on their way from Alaska but quite frankly you all told me I could buy what ever necessities I needed on yours! And I had a lot of necessities I was planning on purchasing that The SM won't let me get on his card. I feel so misunderstood sometimes......

Second, remember this friend of mine? He doesn't know he's my friend, in fact, he doesn't know me at all but, "I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy." Sorry.......I digress. Any way, I haven't seen my friend out and about all winter and guess what? He was out and about yesterday in his orange vest and it made me smile to see him. I felt like I'd seen a spring flower after a long cold grey winter. A masculine flower of course.

Third, I'm fighting with a plunger today. Feelings want to over flow but I'm madly taking a plunger and plunging them down only here's the problem. I've spent all my life building walls and shoving the emotions down and I thought it probably would be healthy if I acknowledged emotions and let them a healthy way ya know? Excepting today, the emotions are over self pitty and feelings of self worth that aren't all that high at the moment so those emotions should be plunged and shoved right back where they come from right? It solves nothing. Repeat after me: I am of worth......I am of worth........regardless of the fact that I do nothing all day and everyone in this what used to be an immaculate run like clock work household is falling to pieces because I sit and do nothing all day and everyone else is running ragged to try and do everything.....except for me.......yeah. Totally taking a plunger and fighting....yet again.......Having a chronic illness sucks. Can I say that? Washing mouth out with soap now.......

Fourth, My baby girl hates oatmeal. So much so that she missed two days of school last week because she refused to eat her breakfast so sat there staring at it all day. Yesterday, her teacher gave the kids a spelling test.

Teacher: This word is for Miss K. The word is, oatmeal. Oatmeal is yummy for breakfast especially on a cold winter morning.

Miss K: (rolls her eyes) It is NOT!

(several words later)

Teacher: Groans

Miss K's friend: Miss K groans when her mom makes oatmeal for breakfast!

Fifth, I am learning to knit socks. I have decided and therefore make it mandatory that socks have holes in them.

Sixth, I was going to buy chickens this year so I could have fresh eggs everyday but I just noticed that my neighbor bought some. I'm going to tell her that when she goes out to get her eggs every morning and the nests are empty, not to be alarmed. This is normal and to keep feeding her chickens....and cleaning up after them.

Seventh, My baby can't say strawberry. He says, "I want strawbelly jam on my bwead." I hope he doesn't ever learn to say strawberry.

Eighth, Washing my sheets and hanging them out to dry on the clothes line is one of my very favorite things in the world. Well, not the washing and hanging part. The part where I slip between the sheets at the end of the day and I can smell their fresh crips goodness. I'm ready for spring.

Ninth, The SM is working from home today. I love it when The SM works from home. I'm gonna go and bug him now and make him tell me how me not contributing to our household is still contributing. I make him do this from time to time. It's good for him to be reminded of my purpose and self worth.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Credit Card Theft

The phone rings and it is Visa asking me to verify recent transactions. Did I purchase shoes at some store out in Tennessee? Well, I rightly don't know! I do have a thing for shoes.......Maybe The SM bought me a new pair of shoes over the internet! Oh goody. I'm excited!

Did I buy fifty dollars worth of food at a Subway in San Francisco? What? Fifty dollars at Subway? Who spends fifty dollars at Subway? I can think of a gazillion other places I'd spend fifty dollars on food but fast food? Subway? Did I spend fifty dollars at another fast food chain out in San Francisco?

Sir! I'm not even IN San Francisco and I can guarantee neither The SM or I ordered Subway or any fast food for that matter over the internet. Houston, we have a problem!

Are we in possession of our credit cards? Why yes! Then how in the???? And then this news article comes to my mind..........THOSE TURDS!!!

I call The SM. Did you buy gas at a 7-eleven anytime soon? He never buys gas at a 7-eleven.......until........a few days ago.......ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

$50.00 at a Subway. $50.00 at another fast food restaurant....are we seeing a pattern here? Something rather suspicious? No fifty dollars and XX cents? Just fifty dollars even. Hmm.

Steps have been taken, accounts shut down, cards frozen, the authorities are on it, no big deal right? It's not like my world is run by a credit card! Or is it?

The other day I went to I belong to a book club and wanted to get the next books that we will be reading. Oh wait! I can't. I don't have a credit card! Grow up, go and check the books out from the library like everyone else.

I run to the yarn shop to get help with a project and run out of yarn. No biggie. I'll get some more. Oh wait! I don't have a credit card and I don't carry cash around with me. This one hurts a little more.....but I deal with it.

Habits. Just habits right? I'll only be without a credit card for a few weeks. I can run and get cash out of a bank or GASP! Write a check! But wait! Levi's diapers are running out. I've got to order some more and since you can't just waltz into any old store and buy youth diapers I have to order them from ALASKA of all places.....I have to do it over the internet. And yes, use a credit card.......

I'm willing to let some modern conveniences go from time to time but disposable diapers on a kid Levi's size? Heck! On a kid any size!! Sob! I want a credit card!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Special Delivery From The Ninja Master

In the dark and dead of the night, the Ninja Master with stealth, unlike any other stealth....except for the Gum Ninja, came and made a deposit in the Gum Ninja's mailbox.

A package. Made for The Gum Ninja himself!

A package like none other.

A one of kind.

Much like, The Gum Ninja. "I like machine ninja gum mom!" Thank you Ninja Master. May the force be with you.....always........wait! Do ninjas have the force?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Gum Ninja.

Image from

As by request of The SM. Remember this post where I mention the thief and his fascination with stealing gum?

Today the younger Native's went off to school wearing capes. They are learning about leukemia and today is Captain Chemo. day.

Somewhere I have photos of Levi wearing his batman/superman cape. It's reversible. He loves that cape and wears it all of the time. As he flies around on his bike he likes watching it billow behind him. All of this is well and good but I am afraid he wears the wrong cape!

I've nothing against Batman or Superman it's just, they aren't stealth enough. Levi needs a ninja cape. A cape that says, "You can't see me.......". Or maybe Harry Potter's invisibility cloak.

Levi has a way of spotting things he wants and unlike any creature I've ever known, grabs/steals it and you seriously have no idea when or how he's done it. Not until you go and open his dresser drawer to get him a shirt and lo and behold.....six packs of gum are sitting there! Or The SM's tape measure......or all of the batteries to the remotes.

Gum. Levi has a thing for gum. I have bought more stolen packages of gum over the years then I've bought gum. In other words. I have a thing for gum myself only I actually buy the gum first before I start to chew it. Levi on the other hand steals the gum and later after I've found it, I have to figure out which store he's stolen it from and go back and pay for it. Those are the times when I've forgotten to frisk him before leaving a store. I always end up paying for it if I don't frisk first.......

Gum and chap stick. The two items we buy most. Batteries is a close third.

Try it sometime. Watch Levi. Put a pack of gum out in front of him and watch him. I promise you, you'll not see him take it. One minute it is there....and the next it is gone and you've no idea when he did it!

If I didn't have any morals I'd take him to Vegas. We could get away with it! Levi does all of the time.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lessons of Levi

Over the past few years I've been learning more and more about the importance of living in the now and loving the now.

When I'm feeling healthier and have more energy I start to get busy and forget about the 'now' and fall back into old habits trying to catch up, think about what I can cram into the next few days, and pretty soon I'm so out of breath I've forgotten to enjoy the very fact that I am running.

This past weekend was a holiday weekend. The Natives and The SM had Monday off so we made plans. Big plans. We were going to spend the day together bonding. Monday arrived and between the weather and circumstances everything we'd planned fell through.

I'm okay with that. I'm a 'fly by the seat of my pants' kind of gal so we made new plans and told The Native's we had a surprise for them! All in the truck together laughing and talking, plan B fell through, and plan C. One of The Native's started to complain and asked when we were going to do something fun! What was the surprise!

Laughingly I told this particular Native that he needed to quit looking at the destination. I didn't know what the destination was going to be anymore but we were having fun on the journey. We were together, we were laughing, who cares what we ended up doing in the end. We were doing now!

I think Levi has the key here. He lives in the now. There's no destination for him. Everything is done with pleasure in that moment. What ever it is. And however it turns out, it's okay! Because he took pleasure in the process.

Yesterday he decided to build a house. He declared it thus and he set forth to do it. Later I found The SM's tools, some screws, and blocks of wood out on the side walk. Levi was off riding his bike. Did he build a house? No, but he had fun while he tried.

Let's say hypothetically that I want to write a book. I spend hours and hours writing. I give it my best effort and as I turn it into an editor I wait. And I wait. And then, I get the devastating news that the book I'd written, that I'd put my whole heart and soul into didn't get published. So now I'm afraid to write again because maybe I'm not a very good writer.

We all have moments like these. The question is, while I was writing, did I enjoy myself? Did I love the writing process? Did I love the journey? Or was I so focused on the destination that I no longer enjoyed the journey and am now too afraid to start on the journey again? Afraid of what I'll find at the next destination.

Just something I've been mulling over lately.........

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fashion. To Each His Own.

After giving birth to four boys I felt life couldn't get any better. I was quite happy with boys and felt that the Lord was smart in not sending me a daughter. Girls wore frilly clothes and had this stuff called hair that you were supposed to do up all cutesy.

I can't even do my own hair let alone a little girls so I was quite content with my rough and tumble boys. Until, I found out that number five was...a girl.

As the time drew near for this little precious bundle to make her appearance I was unashamedly whisked away to the side of lace, frills, bows, and pink. A whole new world had opened up in the form of baby girl apparel that I had no idea existed!

As a newborn and toddler I was able to dress her like a little baby doll in what ever I wanted and the Lord really does care folks about His little ones. I promise you He does because my baby girl didn't grow any hair on her little bald head for a very, very, very long time. All of those cute little hair bobbles I'd bought for baby girls......useless. And a good thing too because I had no idea what to do with them!

Looking at what my baby girl walked out of the house in this morning (and we've seen many outfits just like this over the years.......) it reminds me of another girl years ago who would wear bright purple knee high athletic socks with her bright red and black basketball uniform....nary a care in the world for fashion.

I hope my girl has a baby girl just like herself. To carry on the........tradition!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Nobody makes sense.

Remember this ball that we bought Levi for Christmas? The one that I was caught bouncing around on one day while Levi was at school.......yeah. That one!

On the top there is a little yellow plug that you pull when you want to deflate and store the ball. If you are like us, the ball doesn't ever get stored, Levi just pulls the plug on it constantly because he loves to do things like that. He likes to deflate and then pump the ball back up again. At first it was raunchy because it was me always stomping on the bellows blowing the darn thing up again and again but now Levi has learned how to work the bellows and I say, what ever makes you happy Levi!

There is just one little problem though. To get the little yellow plug out Levi bites it. That's not how it is normally taken out but that is how Levi does it and so he is chewing the thing to pieces and one of these days it's not going to work anymore.

This morning The SM was once again getting after Levi telling him to quit pulling the plug and Mr. J our baby was standing near by observing.

SM: Levi, stop letting the air out of your bouncy ball.

Levi: Why?

SM: Because you are breaking it and we'll have to throw it away.

Levi: Why?

SM: Because every time you pull out the plug you are breaking it.

Levi: What happens I get diarrhea?

SM: (Biting inside of cheek, looking at me trying not to laugh)

Mr. J: Daddy, that didn't make sense. Levi doesn't make sense.

SM: Mr. J, be nice.

Levi: Daddy, Mr. J doesn't make sense.

Friday, February 12, 2010

It's his destiny!

(Names have been changed to protect the innocent)

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Goldilocks. She lived with The Six Dwarfs in a little cottage on the outskirts of town.

One of the Six Dwarfs was named Happy because he was always.....well......happy! Happy had special needs and Goldilocks and the rest of the Dwarfs were very sensitive to Happy and his needs.

One day, Goldilocks came home from school and showed Momma Bear a present she'd been given by a friend. When asked more about it, it was found out to be a present from a boy.

Momma Bear thought it a little bold but was assured that Hansel was just a friend and thought no more of it. Until yesterday. Momma Bear went to the school and talked to Goldilocks teacher. Momma Bear asked the teacher if Hansel might have a crush on Goldilocks and was told,........"In the worst way. In fact, they were holding hands today walking down the hall"!

Momma Bear's hackles rose on her neck. Before she could snap her snarling teeth, the teacher sensing an attack, hurried and assured the Momma Bear that the friendship was innocent. Hansel had special needs and Goldilocks acting like a mother figure, watched out for him.

When Goldilocks came home from school she showed Momma Bear yet another pile of presents from Hansel. A pile of books, in a box, that had bird poo on the bottom. Momma Bear had a talk with Goldilocks and told her that it was sweet that Hansel wanted to give her so many presents but that he in fact was probably taking them from his sister Miss Muffet and they would need to be returned.

Goldilocks understood because Happy had a way of taking things that didn't belong to him all of the time much to everyone who lived in the cottages exasperation!

Momma Bear is now contemplating how to help bring this story to a, "And they all lived happily ever after.......THE END!" Only she's having a time of it because trying to explain that holding hands with a special needs boy at the age of 9 is okay but when you're a teenager all boys become special needs and royally handicapped! Where to draw the line......

I do believe Happy may be the answer to Momma Bear's problems.

(The other day, after school, the door flies open and:)

Sneezy: (Limping dramatically for effect) Momma Bear! Happy kicked me really hard and it hurts.

Momma Bear: (Looking at Happy) Happy? Did you kick Sneezy?

Happy: (Disgruntled look on his face, looking everywhere but at Momma Bear) It was my deeeestinyyy!

Momma Bear: (Biting inside of cheek) Happy. You need to tell Sneezy you are sorry.

Happy: (Looking at the ceiling now) I can't. It is my deeeestinyyy!

Problem solved. Happy will accompany all outings with Goldilocks when suitors come to call. It is his deeeestinyyyyy!

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Credit where credit is due.

We've received a lot of compliments over the years for how well The Natives play the piano. Mega time and hours go into their practicing but as we all know, we can practice until the sun goes down and start again when the sun comes up but if we don't have a Master to teach us........we won't get very far.

This is where my tribute comes from today. The Native's piano teacher. A truly gifted musician himself and I am so excited to blab to the world his latest accomplishment........aside from actually getting The Native's to sound somewhat musical.

If you go to this page you will see where it talks about the event being held tomorrow evening at 7:30 p.m. at the Assembly Hall up on Temple Square. It's a music festival featuring works of distinction and merit composed or arranged by LDS members throughout the United States. And what is so special about this music festival and what does it have to do with Mike Carson, The Native's piano teacher?

Well, I'll tell you. Go to this page and see how it says awards at the top of the page? Uh huh!!!! Thaz right! The Native's piano teacher's name is not mentioned once but TWICE! You'll see under "Hymn Text" Michael R Carson got Special Recognition and under "Anthems" he got Award of Merit. That would be second place!

So! Tomorrow evening the event I told you about!! The Native's piano teacher's piece is going to be played and sung by the Logan Institute of Religion Latter-day Voices Choir!!!! How cool is THAT?

We think it is pretty cool. And feel pretty darn lucky/blessed.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

HA! There's more than one way to skin a cat!!

Not that I mind cats and all. I am a cat lover but today since blogger is yet again not letting me upload video I got all clever and tried something else. I went and uploaded the videos at youtube and then embedded them. I'd feel really smart if I'd have thought of the idea yesterday but since I didn't.....I feel only half brilliant today!

Here we have Miss K playing "Spirit of the Stallion" by Gutierrez

The two best best friends. Aren't they adorable? They like to think they are twins. They are playing, "I Love to See the Temple" by Janice Kapp Perry arranged by their fabulous piano teacher Mike Carson and "The Crickets Came to Dance" by Kunitz

Next up is Mr. M playing, "The Night Horseman" by Bober and "Clowning Around" by Wilburn. Very appropriate don't you think?

Mr. T. delights us with "Evening in the Meadow" by Hudelson. He plays this SO well. Just beautiful. And, "Bagatelle" by Diabelli

Mr. C is playing, "Puck" by Grieg, "Sundown" by Brooks-Turner, and "The Entertainer" by Joplin

Mr. B is playing "Coconuts!" by Sallee, "Ivan Sings" by Khachaturian, and "The Rain Must Fall" by Yanni

And the GRAND FINALE!!! The ENCORE!! The fabulous five on two! They played this at the beginning of the recital and then at the end! Mr. C let me in on a secret. He said the first time he started head banging in this last piece he hit his head on the piano. :) He takes after his mother in that regard..........

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A little cooperation would be nice!

I have been trying ALL STINKIN' DAY to upload video of this event that was held last night.

The recital. Not just ANY recital.

The recital where these two best best best friends played duets,

And where this incredibly amazing and awesome piano teacher had each of The Natives not only play several songs by themselves but,

All together. Yes, all fabulous five on two pianos at the same time.

It was amazing and we had a great time!

Hopefully tomorrow......blogger will cooperate and you'll actually get to hear how talented The Native's are. Thanks to Mike Carson who seriously, is the best piano teacher around.

Monday, February 8, 2010

My life last week. It was a country song.

This week. It's good ol' rock n' roll baby! The truck is fixed, the toilet is fixed, the furnace is supposed to be fixed today....., The SM is back safe and sound from Germany (which is why the toilet is fixed),

Photo by Pioneer Woman

and because I made and fed The SM THIS when he stepped off the plane he has promised not to leave me ever again. For at least a week for sure!

Since I've been doing this hair do for all of three days now can I just say, "Thank goodness for flat irons!!!" Whew! Let me tell you! Naturally curly always in a funk hair and short........they don't like each other. All of my sisters suffer from this disease and I can remember my older sisters talking about back in the day when they'd lay their long locks on the ironing board and with the iron they'd iron their hair flat! Can you imagine me with my short hair slapping my head on an ironing board and trying to iron it? The walls in my house would fall down in shock seeing me with the iron and ironing board.

East wall: What in the heck is she doing with those things?

West wall: I don't know! I've never seen her use em before. Do ya think she knows what they are for?

North wall: Oooh, (wailing...) I knew it! I knew this day would come. It's the end. I can feel it in my joists.

South wall: Ah hush all a ya! Look at her. She's trying to flatten her face with the thing. Pull up your retainers and stand strong. We've nothin' to worry about.....unless she leaves the dang thing on and burns us all to she did with her hair.....

Yes, flat irons. The greatest invention. Right up there with the UPS man delivering Levi's diapers once a month.

Just do yourself a favor. Don't ever and I mean EVER come over halfway through the process. Half freaked out curly hair and half straight hair. Well, it just aint natural and that's all I'm gonna say about THAT!

Friday, February 5, 2010

I went under the knife. And here's the results.

Remember yesterday's post? Well..........

Fourteen inches were taken off and I was NOT able to donate to Locks of Love. Very sad. My mane stunk too bad and for some reason......Locks of Love doesn't want charred hair! Go figure. I would think charred hair would be the latest commodity. Guess not.

Thanks for staying with me to the tragic end of my mane story. I owe ya man! It just touches my heart how you stick with me through thick and thin!

The End.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Driving lessons.

There's nothing like teaching your teenager to drive to blatantly point out what a lousy driver you are.

As I sit next to The Eldest I do try very hard to wrap him up in as many positive comments and compliments as I can. There is nothing like a negative nagger to make one discouraged so since I do have to point out the mistakes/errors of his driving, I try to shower more positive then negative feedback. Makes the correcting easier to swallow. Right? You agree? Nod head here please.

There's only one problem. When I'M driving The Eldest loves to point out when he thinks I'm in error. We all know that is impossible so he makes things up and it really is ridiculous because he actually delights in trying to find fault but he hasn't caught on that if he's going to pretend to find fault with my driving......he needs to follow the example and back me up with 99.9% compliments. It doesn't even have to be with my driving! I'm not picky. He could tell me my hair looks nice today, he loves how sometimes I don't make dinner and he and his sibs have to fend for dinner, how he loves having a clean bedroom so appreciates that I make him clean it every so often. I'm easy to work with! I'm easy to please!

But no. Case in point. Yesterday morning:

Eldest: You're breaking the law mom. You're speeding.

Me: (Muttering under my breath.....Am not, anyone with a brain knows it is legal to go five over.) You're right honey. Thanks for pointing that out.

Eldest: Your blinker is on mom.

Me: Yes, that's right honey. At some point eventually I AM going to make a right turn.

Eldest: WHOA MOM! That light was RED!

Me: (Muttering under my was NOT, it was pink!) Oh my! You're right. You just make sure you don't ever do that okay honey?

Sniff! Sniff! What is that smell? Dang furnace went out and I'm trying to get warm by the fire. I'm trying to blog here about driving with The Eldest and something REALLY smells!! Oh my gosh!

I've done gone and burned my hair!! Huge chunks are falling to the ground!


Evidence would say so. Hair on floor.....strong stench in air......and hair stuck to the glass......

Oh this is just rich! This is just fantastic!

Tomorrow. A post showing me with a new hair doo..........

The End!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spring. It's just around the corner. I can tell.

I can tell because when the weather starts to warm up......out comes the bike.

And along with the bike, comes the bike cart, or wagon, or whatever Levi feels like pulling.

It's not just enough to pull the bike cart. He has to attach a rope to the cart and pull a spool of string which happens to be The SM's. A new spool of string mind you.

That is drug round and round and round as it bounces along. How delightful it sounds and looks as it bounces behind the bike cart. Notice the discarded muddy shoes in the street...we'll come back to those in a minute.

Oh The SM is going to love this.....right....through.....the mud.

Time for the Mum to step in and rescue the string.

Minutes later Levi has a new contraption being pulled behind the bike cart.

The discarded shoes and soggy muddy socks get rescued and taken along for the ride.

I wish I knew where to because the shoes were later found.....

We've still yet to see where the socks ended up. Probably in the ditch...being sucked out to the lake by now.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Laundry and Stilettos. It could happen!

This post is about laundry. Yes, Mr. Z. Laundry. Because when the laundry piles up and it gets to this point it has to get done. Naked Natives are not allowed in school.

Check out the shoes!!! If she can do laundry in such sexy shoes..

Then so can I! Besides, it's a proven fact that heels make you look thinner and taller.......

I wonder how skinny and tall I'd look in these.........

Monday, February 1, 2010's Monday..........

Today I spent pretty much the entire day on one of these. Not the one pictured above...Wishing it was. I think everyone needs a red sofa.

Image from 365 Words Beginning with P

Blowing my running non-stop nose....this photo isn't all that far fetched......

And so it was only natural that I went here

And got me some of pink.......of course! They were on sale AND I had a coupon!! I think I feel a little bit better! Like I really CAN face the rest of the week laying on my couch blowing my nose as long as I've got these on my feet.