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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

All is well....

I have had several fabulous days lately which we have run with. What a gift to our family to have me up and in good health over the 4th of July weekend!

Today I am back on the couch but I don't mind it as much. I'm too grateful for the past week that we were given. I've had time to think and reflect upon the things that I am learning through this experience and it makes the burden not seem quite so heavy.

As I have been pondering my experience today a thought has come into my mind that I had thought briefly about before but hadn't taken the time to really ponder.

We know that all of the things that we go through on this earth are given to us for our own good and experience. We know that when we are in the service of each other, we are in the service of our Heavenly Father. This has been my thought and I'll come back to it in a minute.

I know that Heavenly Father loves me very much. In Mosiah we read that the Lord seeith (sp?) fit to test and try us and through our actions if we "pass the test" we will be exalted. I'm not sure that I am passing it very good but I am trying really really hard.

Further on in Mosiah we are taught that the Lord does indeed hear and answer our prayers. Sometimes the answer is, "not right away or right now". Sometimes the trials are drawn out for a bit as we are further tested to see how we react to His answer.

He does lift our burdens and mine are being lifted by my children, my friends, and my ward. He has answered and in time I will get better! This I know.

I am being tutored by the Lord right now and am learning many great and marvelous things.

Back to my earlier thought. If one does not taste the bitter than one does not know how to help others when they taste the bitter. It is harder to sympathize with them and know how to serve them. When it is my turn to serve others again I will know better how to serve them. I will be more kind and understanding.

I am continuing to learn about the goodness of my husband and children as they sacrifice and take care of me and each other. I am learning to swallow my pride and accept help. Something I've never been good at. All things are done in wisdom and I am in the hands of the Lord right now. All is well. All is well........


  1. You post goes with what I was explaining to my kids recently. Isn't it interesting how we "suffer" until we see what the Lord wants us to learn!?! Thanks for reminding us of that.

    Also, thanks for the positive feedback on my posts!

  2. Beautiful. Just like you.


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